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Yoga Connection

I just yelled “Twinsies!” a little too loudly at a woman in the hallway at work.

I don’t know her.

She didn’t get excited and yell it back to me or hug me or even smile at me. She actually kind of sped up a bit and half ran into the bathroom before I got all the way to her.

I may have made the coffee a little too strong this morning.

I went down to the cafe that’s in our office building. To get a bagel to try to counteract the coffee effects.

One of my students walked in and mumbled good morning to me.

I may have put my phone down and eagerly turned in his direction to try to engage in excited conversation. As he turned around and walked back out.

As I was walking over to the DJJ office to pick up a check (because 5 jobs, remember), a sketchy dude in a questionable hoodie told me I looked “bootiful today.”

I may have stopped and thanked him and tried to tell him about my outfit.

And he may have just ridden away on his bicycle. Without responding to me.

And then a group of co-workers might have driven by and casually waved at me, perhaps prompting me to jump up and down excitedly and wave back. A little too hard.

Hell, I’ve even answered my on call phone three times tonight even though I don’t actually go on call until tomorrow morning. Just so I could talk to the people.

So, yeah.

I may be a little desperate for human connection right now.

Which is why Wednesday night’s yoga session with the magical Yogess Erica Austin was exactly what I needed.

She had us all make eye contact with every other person in the room. To connect. As Rogue slowly turned her head towards me…yeah, we were totally normal. It didn’t get weird at all.

At the end of the session, but before the connecting part, Erica laid hands on me and healed my limpy ass so I managed to walk up and down stairs all day the last two days without pain.

I mean, when she asked what areas we need to work on like she always does because she’s awesome, I kinda threw knees into my laundry list. But only because I wanted to whine enough to be sure to get extra magic pressy back hands on time. I didn’t really think yoga could help sore knees at all.

I just wanted attention.

But she did this amazing cuppy, cuddle thing around my knees with her magic hands, and for reals, y’all. I was healed.

And also? If you ever wanna see a human move with superhuman speed, watch Rogue when Erica says, “If you want an extra happy baby squish-”

Homegirl assumed the position before Erica could even finish the sentence.

It actually startled me a little. I was feeling so calm and peaceful and relaxed and out of my peripheral vision, I see these legs fly up through the air and for a second I thought, “Holy shit! Zombies!”

Which is the obvious logical thought.

But then I remembered where I was and who I was with and what Erica was saying and so I tried to pretend to casually but quickly assume my position so as not to miss out on the yoga love and that’s when the magic knee cuddling happened.


I may have actually spent the first 15 minutes of my counseling session today talking about it.

I’m regretting that now.

I don’t need one more person at Wednesday night yoga to share my Erica time with.

I mean, she’s every-damn-where. Check out her website: Roanoke Yoga

Find another class!

Except also I need her to continue holding Wednesday classes, so maybe go ahead and show up for those, too. Just watch yourself. Don’t be too needy. I’ll fight you. I will.


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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