Hellgate Recon (Floyd Field to Camping Gap)

I ran Terrapin Mountain 50k and Promise Land 50k++ in 2021. They didn't go well for me. I mean, I finished them. Within the cutoff time. But I just barely didn't finish dead fucking last. Beautiful Beastie scheduled more Hellgate recon for us yesterday. This time starting at Floyd Field. And running out to Camping … Continue reading Hellgate Recon (Floyd Field to Camping Gap)

Day of Thanks and Rejection

I started my Day of Giving Thanks by running my own 3.1. Well, not running so much as jogging. Trotting, really. And stopping every half mile to chat with various neighbors. I mean, their dogs mostly. But humans often require you to communicate directly with them. Not just their dogs. Which is where my issues … Continue reading Day of Thanks and Rejection

I Can’t Cook

When I tell you I can’t cook… I’m not exaggerating. That’s the lasagna I made for dinner. For myself. There’s no cheese in there. I didn’t have all the ingredients I needed. And I don’t go to the grocery store more than once a week. Because I find that experience traumatizing. Also, I don’t have … Continue reading I Can’t Cook

Hellgate Recon (Glenwood Horse Trail)

I just had to remind Beautiful Beastie and Tiny Brazilian that it was 6 o’clock in the morning. On a Sunday. So they would stop making my phone make noises. There is no adventuring for me today. We did quite enough of that yesterday. We did some Hellgate recon yesterday morning. And all we were … Continue reading Hellgate Recon (Glenwood Horse Trail)

Humorless Professional Writing (aka Business Writing)

Are there classes that teach humorless professional writing? Because apparently if you spend too many years with the freedom to entertain yourself in your emails, you lose the ability to craft actual professional writing. I've had a couple of people. Not many. But just not even a handful of people. Ask me why I haven't … Continue reading Humorless Professional Writing (aka Business Writing)

Finding More People

“I’ve got to get home to my cats. Because that’s who I am as a person.” That’s…that’s how I exited my last networking event…with professional women in technology...like, just really professional women… *sigh* I’m three months into my new job. Into my new corporate world. It’s been challenging. Not like monitoring 300 truancy cases while … Continue reading Finding More People


Dadsplaining. Not to be confused with mansplaining. Which will actually make my entire head explode. Dadsplaining is just about the only way I have managed to survive for 48 years. Dadsplaining is why I can claim to be a strong, independent woman. (Usually I like to throw the word intelligent in there. But that seems … Continue reading Dadsplaining