Skipping The To Do List

I have operated off of a to do list nearly every day of my life for as long as I can remember. I have one on my phone. It currently has 45 items on it... It has had 45 items on it for...a while... *SIGH* And that's separate from my work to do list. That … Continue reading Skipping The To Do List

Embarrassing Lagertha

Got home from beer with GBFF…WHTBS the other night. Pulled into my driveway. Got out of my car. And dude across the street says, “There she is!” And I say, “Heyyyy!” Wave and all. Just went all in on the acknowledgment. I've never seen dude across the street before. Dude across the street has never … Continue reading Embarrassing Lagertha

I’ve Named Her Lagertha

So, homeownership. I'm calling her Lagertha. My home. That's her name. Lagertha. It's been an adjustment. This new relationship. Me and Lagertha. Lagertha has rules. Which she has posted. And it's not like...I mean, they're not unreasonable rules. But it's just the principle. You know? I pay the mortgage. I make the rules. So I … Continue reading I’ve Named Her Lagertha