Lift Up Teammates

I can't stop watching the highlight clip from this moment in the Pacers game last week. Joseph stole the ball, ran down for a layup, and got fouled in the process, knocking him to the ground. His teammates ran down the court to help him up off the floor. Joe Young came off the bench … Continue reading Lift Up Teammates

A Different Take On Valentines Day

So, it’s Valentine’s Day. Did you know? If you have any contact with any form of social, real world or media, you know. Personally, I don't really care. I’ve never been particularly excited nor particularly resentful about the day.  I just don’t care. But this year, I’m reflecting on some things and this “holiday” seems … Continue reading A Different Take On Valentines Day

Shining Through Imposter Syndrome

Have you heard of this? It's been around a while, but I've only recently begun to understand how it applies to me. If you're not familiar, basically the Imposter Syndrome is a fear of being discovered as not being smart enough or good enough or ... enough. Being a fraud. It's an inability to internalize … Continue reading Shining Through Imposter Syndrome

Seeking Discomfort To Develop Strength

  Sitting in a coffee shop with two of the strongest women I know. It has been a long weekend already and I'm exhausted. Listening to them and thinking back on conversations I've had with others, I recognize how beautiful the exhaustion I'm feeling is. My exhaustion came from a weekend of awesome experiences. Seeing … Continue reading Seeking Discomfort To Develop Strength