Hellgate Recon (Floyd Field to Camping Gap)

I ran Terrapin Mountain 50k and Promise Land 50k++ in 2021. They didn't go well for me. I mean, I finished them. Within the cutoff time. But I just barely didn't finish dead fucking last. Beautiful Beastie scheduled more Hellgate recon for us yesterday. This time starting at Floyd Field. And running out to Camping … Continue reading Hellgate Recon (Floyd Field to Camping Gap)

Hellgate Recon (Glenwood Horse Trail)

I just had to remind Beautiful Beastie and Tiny Brazilian that it was 6 o’clock in the morning. On a Sunday. So they would stop making my phone make noises. There is no adventuring for me today. We did quite enough of that yesterday. We did some Hellgate recon yesterday morning. And all we were … Continue reading Hellgate Recon (Glenwood Horse Trail)


Dadsplaining. Not to be confused with mansplaining. Which will actually make my entire head explode. Dadsplaining is just about the only way I have managed to survive for 48 years. Dadsplaining is why I can claim to be a strong, independent woman. (Usually I like to throw the word intelligent in there. But that seems … Continue reading Dadsplaining

Race Accountability

They say when you want to achieve a goal, you share it. That way others help you maintain your accountability. Or, in my case, race accountability. I accidentally shared with my boss that I’m running Mountain Masochist 50 Miler in November. She put it in her calendar. She put it. In her calendar. And told … Continue reading Race Accountability

Sunset Fields to James River Footbridge

We ran the route from Sunset Fields to James River Footbridge. And back. 35 miles. Over 8,000 feet of climbing. “You’re walking like you just had a really good time.” Oh cool. Not only did I not just have “a really good time.” Now I’m also walking like a whore. That’s excellent. It’s fine. It’s … Continue reading Sunset Fields to James River Footbridge

Massages Are For Fixing, Not Relaxing

Got a massage by Charles Barkley today. Not, like, the Charles Barkley. But my massage therapist. Who does really solid impressions. And somehow we were talking sports. And he just threw some Charles out. And a little Shaq. And it was impressive. So much so that I'd forgotten that I'd developed spontaneous lockjaw. The day … Continue reading Massages Are For Fixing, Not Relaxing