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Race Accountability

They say when you want to achieve a goal, you share it. That way others help you maintain your accountability. Or, in my case, race...

Zero Commitment Weekends

The more I age the more excited I get about zero commitment weekends. I have a growing list of things to do, but much less energy to do them.

Massages Are For Fixing, Not Relaxing

Got a massage by Charles Barkley today. Not, like, the Charles Barkley. But my massage therapist. Who does really solid impressions. And somehow we were...

Trail Hazing

“Why every time we go somewhere with Beautiful Beastie does it feel like we’re being hazed?” Rogue’s not wrong. We went to Rock Castle Gorge...
#Running, My Awkward Self

Legit Professional Woman

Ran with my Cross Country kids for the first time in months tonight. Ran is a bit of a stretch. See this? That’s my heart...
#Running, strength training

Real ID Take Two

Remember when I went to get my Real ID? And they told me my birth certificate wasn’t proof of my actual birth? Or existence? Thank...

Hanging Rock Re-Make

“How many miles are you feeling like this morning?” Oh, I don’t know. Maybe 7 or 8? I started with a 2 liter pack of...

Accommodation Workout

Sooo…there’s a “ring of fire…” just hovering over southwest Virginia? And…we’re not…we don’t want to talk about end times yet…? I mean, it is summer,...

My Last Last Day

“Staunton River High School. How can I help you.” It’s raining. And there are tornado warnings. And I feel unsafe. “And how can I help...