Mountain Biking Introduction

Oh hey! So I brought- “Give me your keys.” And I tried for indignation. That was my gut response. But then images of that time I lost my key at North Mountain. And then that next time I lost my key. At North Mountain. And… No. That’s fair. So, I handed GBFF…WHTBS my car key. … Continue reading Mountain Biking Introduction

A Little Late for the Cove

Look. We’ve done some shit. Rogue and I both have done some legit shit. In just the last few years that we’ve known each other. We’ve run Chicago Marathon. And America’s Toughest Road Marathon. Did that one twice. In the same race, matter of fact. Ragnars. Trail and Road. Spartans. We’ve Trifecta’d. That shit ain’t … Continue reading A Little Late for the Cove

That Time I Accidentally Ran 15 Miles

I accidentally ran 15 miles yesterday. In my defense, maps don’t really offer accurate mileage descriptions. See what happened was. Y’all responded. En masse. To my depression and anxiety post. And a lot of y’all are runners. And I’m not gonna lie. That had me a little shook. Like, running and exercise generates serotonin and … Continue reading That Time I Accidentally Ran 15 Miles

Carvins Cove to McAfee

I was supposed to be helping out judging Forensics yesterday. The dramatic readings and poetry kind. Not the dead bodies and blood spatter kind. But then Janky Left Pinky Toe said it was cancelled. Cancelled? But if my volunteer commitments are people are gonna make me run 50 miles in the ice and snow. … Continue reading Carvins Cove to McAfee

Hi-Dee-Hoe’n With The Crew

Guess who's sweeping the lower 10 miles of the CtC marathon? Yeah. Stop laughing. I'm feeling pretty confident about it. I successfully led a group through the Hi-Dee-Hoe Loop yesterday morning. I did. Except by successfully led, I mean that I was forced out in front and stopped at all intersections (and maybe even a … Continue reading Hi-Dee-Hoe’n With The Crew