Hi-Dee-Hoe’n With The Crew

Guess who’s sweeping the lower 10 miles of the CtC marathon?


Stop laughing.

I’m feeling pretty confident about it.

I successfully led a group through the Hi-Dee-Hoe Loop yesterday morning.

I did.

Except by successfully led, I mean that I was forced out in front and stopped at all intersections (and maybe even a few intersections that weren’t actually intersections) and waited for someone behind me to push me in the right direction.

It’s possible that I said phrases like, “I don’t even understand where we are” and “what is up with y’all calling stuff uppers and lowers?” and “have I ever been here before?”

But we made it back to the parking lot, didn’t we?

I do love that I have people that are willing to go along with any ridiculous idea. And mostly not question them.

Because yesterday was just supposed to be a fun Memorial Day run on Endong’s Hoe trail loop. Which was Tiny Brazilian’s idea, by the way. And after creating the event and inviting all the people (which was a challenge, y’all) and getting us all excited about it, she promptly left the state. And didn’t come back in time to lead us.

It’s ok, though. Because we made it our own.

Really, it was Skratch & Goatfinder who suggested we do the Murph over at PlayFITStayFIT after our trail run. Which then turned into let’s just bring some weights, throw in an extra trail loop, and make our own Murph.

Because trail runners like to be outside the box as much as possible. And by box I mean buildings. We prefer the out of doors.

So much so that Endong showed up for the event after a night of vomiting. Because 1,000 feet of climbing and 300 squats is exactly what the body needs after eliminating every ounce of sustenance from itself.

Enjoyed the first loop filled with conversation and trail catharsis. There is nothing more healing than running through the woods with your people working through some of your issues.

Drinkwater got some cool shots of us out there. At one point, he was right behind me and a split second later had teleported himself twenty feet ahead. Because he was suddenly in front of us snapping pics.

Strange things happen on the trail…

We got some of our squats and push ups and burpees (because of course you have to throw in some burpees) in on the trail during our first loop.

And because of who I am as a person, I had to eat while getting in reps.

(Who I am as a person isn’t just the consistent desperate need for food, but also the fear of being left behind when everyone else finishes before me. I’ve got some issues, y’all.)

(Thank you, K-Rob-D for capturing this super flattering version of me. Which is now my profile pic.)

Introduced Endong to Tiny Brazilian’s broad jump burpees.

Which he called stupid, so obviously we kept doing them. With medicine ball throws for good measure.

And then back out on the trail for a much slower loop two.

Much slower not only because 300 squats, but also because Skratch threw on his 20lb vest and Rogue claimed ownership of Endong’s 10lb ball. Which she carried with her throughout the six miles of trail like she was carrying a small, but healthy And somewhat loved child.

This second loop is where I did all of the leading. And questioning where we were. And noticing things I’d never seen before. That Rogue insisted I had seen before.

Like this tree phone.

Because of course.

Or this random fireplace.

A fireplace? Really?

You’ve seen that before, Sunshine.



Are we running the same loop as the first one?


So obviously when Gilbert asked if I’d be willing to sweep the “lower 10 of the marathon” I said yes. Absolutely. I am absolutely willing. My ability, however, should probably be questioned.

I don’t recall you ever getting lost on one of our trails before.

Not when there are other people running them. But without the people, I get lost all of the time.

The course will be marked.

Sure. That will help. I’m excellent at following course markings.

I’m pretty sure I can hear him rethinking his volunteer options from two counties away.

It’s cool, though. I’ve got this. I’m gonna study trail maps and the intel he’s sending me and the definitions of uppers and lowers and I’m gonna make sure every single runner makes it out of those 10 miles alive.

I’m gonna make an excellent sweeper.

I can feel it in my jelly.

No, but seriously. How many of y’all are running the Conquer the Cove Marathon on Sunday? I’m gonna need you to know the route…

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