Jarmans Invitational Marathon: Race Report

Soooo, Jarmans Invitational Marathon. JIM Are you familiar with this...event? Possibly not. It's a bit of a hidden gem here in Virginia. Probably not one of those high class gems. Definitely not like a diamond or a sapphire. Sapphires are fancy, right? I'm gonna say it's more of like an amethyst. I feel like amethysts … Continue reading Jarmans Invitational Marathon: Race Report

Jarman’s Invitational Marathon

This race is going to suck. That's what they tell you when you sign up. And also repeatedly up until race day. Shortly, I'll be getting in my car and driving to the fancy-sounding city of Crozet. The "t" is silent. It's French. At noon, I'll be toeing the starting line of this. I'll have … Continue reading Jarman’s Invitational Marathon