Jarman’s Invitational Marathon

This race is going to suck.

That’s what they tell you when you sign up.

And also repeatedly up until race day.

Shortly, I’ll be getting in my car and driving to the fancy-sounding city of Crozet.

The “t” is silent.

It’s French.

At noon, I’ll be toeing the starting line of this.

I’ll have seven hours to get in 5 loops. 29.5 miles. 7600 feet of elevation. Up and down.

(Look at me all prepared and shit.)

I’m trying to keep it in perspective.

The Blue Ridge Double Marathon was 52.4 miles. With a similar elevation gain.

But it’s been over a year since I’ve done anything even close to that.

And in all fairness, things kind of got off track around 26.3 miles into that race…

Plus, a 1am start time in April is vastly different from a 12pm start time in August.

But we’re gonna go ahead and see what the body can manage.

I’ve done the resting and hydrating that Beautiful Beastie ordered me to do yesterday.

Lots of foam rolling and stretching.

Didn’t get peer pressured into whatever madness led Fall Risk to write this:

Found an unopened bag of Doritos in the pantry to take for the community race table.

And filled some bottles with water.

I’m about as ready as I’m gonna be.

Go ahead and place your bets on how many loops I’m actually able to complete.

Besides the fact that my pre-race meals consisted of spaghetti, three ice cream bars, two devil dogs, and a mixture of Ruffles and Doritos.

Because if I don’t workout, I eat.

This race is going to suck.

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