That Time I Accidentally Ran 15 Miles

I accidentally ran 15 miles yesterday. In my defense, maps don’t really offer accurate mileage descriptions. See what happened was. Y’all responded. En masse. To my depression and anxiety post. And a lot of y’all are runners. And I’m not gonna lie. That had me a little shook. Like, running and exercise generates serotonin and … Continue reading That Time I Accidentally Ran 15 Miles

Mill Mountain Mayhem Virtual

This popped up on my Facebook memories today. Reminding me that I hadn't yet published my post about the Mountain Junkies Mill Mountain Mayhem 10k. Virtual. Trail Race. That I wrote weeks ago. Back when Rogue and I ran it. Virtually. And since I'm currently mourning the loss of John Prine. And the addition of … Continue reading Mill Mountain Mayhem Virtual

RVTR Into The Darkness Reunion

Yesterday, during my home visits, the father of one of my probationers told me I can’t go out on the mountains today. I mean, he didn’t exactly say it as an order. He was wearing a pink shirt. You can only be taken but so seriously while wearing a pink shirt. Except on Wednesdays. That’s … Continue reading RVTR Into The Darkness Reunion

You Have To Tell People

"Don't eat that. Please don't eat that. We're buying you lunch. Just...don't eat that." I probably shouldn't have told her that the taco I brought for lunch had been sitting in my car since the evening before. But they were getting me lunch, so I could just save the taco for dinner. Perfect. I wasn't … Continue reading You Have To Tell People

Hi-Dee-Hoe’n With The Crew

Guess who's sweeping the lower 10 miles of the CtC marathon? Yeah. Stop laughing. I'm feeling pretty confident about it. I successfully led a group through the Hi-Dee-Hoe Loop yesterday morning. I did. Except by successfully led, I mean that I was forced out in front and stopped at all intersections (and maybe even a … Continue reading Hi-Dee-Hoe’n With The Crew