That Time I Accidentally Ran 15 Miles

I accidentally ran 15 miles yesterday. In my defense, maps don’t really offer accurate mileage descriptions. See what happened was. Y’all responded. En masse. To my depression and anxiety post. And a lot of y’all are runners. And I’m not gonna lie. That had me a little shook. Like, running and exercise generates serotonin and … Continue reading That Time I Accidentally Ran 15 Miles

Mill Mountain Mayhem Virtual

This popped up on my Facebook memories today. Reminding me that I hadn't yet published my post about the Mountain Junkies Mill Mountain Mayhem 10k. Virtual. Trail Race. That I wrote weeks ago. Back when Rogue and I ran it. Virtually. And since I'm currently mourning the loss of John Prine. And the addition of … Continue reading Mill Mountain Mayhem Virtual

My Modesty Needs Work

“Who does your nails?” Ummmm, me? “Oh. So you can still reach your toes! Good for you.” Fuck. How old does this dude think I am? I was just starting to feel ok about myself again. *sigh* So, I’ve figured out that I’m probably never going to leave any visit with a medical professional feeling … Continue reading My Modesty Needs Work

RVTR Into The Darkness Reunion

Yesterday, during my home visits, the father of one of my probationers told me I can’t go out on the mountains today. I mean, he didn’t exactly say it as an order. He was wearing a pink shirt. You can only be taken but so seriously while wearing a pink shirt. Except on Wednesdays. That’s … Continue reading RVTR Into The Darkness Reunion

You Have To Tell People

"Don't eat that. Please don't eat that. We're buying you lunch. Just...don't eat that." I probably shouldn't have told her that the taco I brought for lunch had been sitting in my car since the evening before. But they were getting me lunch, so I could just save the taco for dinner. Perfect. I wasn't … Continue reading You Have To Tell People

Hi-Dee-Hoe’n With The Crew

Guess who's sweeping the lower 10 miles of the CtC marathon? Yeah. Stop laughing. I'm feeling pretty confident about it. I successfully led a group through the Hi-Dee-Hoe Loop yesterday morning. I did. Except by successfully led, I mean that I was forced out in front and stopped at all intersections (and maybe even a … Continue reading Hi-Dee-Hoe’n With The Crew