My Valentines People

Sometimes I forget that I have people that actually enjoy spending time with me. In general, I assume people can take me or leave me. But every now and then, my people remind me. That they want me around. K-Rob-D thought I’d been avoiding them. Like, she for real believed that shit. No. Let me … Continue reading My Valentines People

Here’s How The Force Works

Does this look like an issue? Like something I should report to some disease control agency or something? Measles? Think it’s measles? What does dengue fever look like? “Stop being a little bitch and put some Neosporin on it.” I have very supportive friendships... So I have this theory. That the universe requires balance. Like, … Continue reading Here’s How The Force Works

Missing My Life’s Purpose

I’ve got to stop sitting in movie theaters after running. So, you remember high school English? When they taught you about foreshadowing? Yeah. So that message came from K-Rob-D. Sunday evening. It’s the first time in my life I actually get to take part in winter break. And not work other jobs straight through it. … Continue reading Missing My Life’s Purpose

Average Tuesday Night

Everything hurts. I spent the entire day yesterday watching my phone. I mean, working, too. Obviously. But also, just watching. My phone. Just waiting for these people to cancel North Mountain. Who the fuck runs North Fucking Mountain on a Tuesday night? In December? In the middle of Fall SOL testing? Apparently us. If it … Continue reading Average Tuesday Night

North Mountain Anniversary

I'm not real big on anniversaries. Probably because I never really have any. But this year is different. This year Rogue and I both celebrated our one year anniversary with North Mountain. *sigh* I haven't maintained a man in my life in the last 20 years for as long as I've kept this damn mountain. … Continue reading North Mountain Anniversary

North Mountain. Again.

Freakin North Mountain. Again. This is my last full week before I officially go fulltime at the high school. So, I'm trying to balance some fun adventure with the last major push in hours at my non-profit job. Today Rogue said she wanted to get some adventuring in. We didn't really specify what that adventuring … Continue reading North Mountain. Again.