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North Mountain Anniversary

I’m not real big on anniversaries.

Probably because I never really have any.

But this year is different.

This year Rogue and I both celebrated our one year anniversary with North Mountain.


I haven’t maintained a man in my life in the last 20 years for as long as I’ve kept this damn mountain.

So yesterday was…special.

Rogue even gave me a card to celebrate.

And it was entirely coincidental that we planned a run of the North Mountain Challenge Loop for yesterday morning.

The universe is trying to tell us something…

Or maybe she’s just judging us in the bitchiest way possible.

“You wanna be all picky and unreasonable about your relationships? You wanna choose mountains over men? Cool. Here’s what you get. A relationship with the world’s ugliest mountain.”

“Oh, and you have to share him with Rogue.”


So, fine.

We celebrated our anniversary by waking up at 4 o’clock in the actual morning. And driving over an hour. To meet up at sunrise and take on yet another loop of this mountain.

OT hung with us for the first 4 miles. And then he chose to give us some time alone with our mountain.

Plus maybe Rouge and I had hit our fastest miles on the way up the first climb. And maybe we were getting slower with every mile. Because maybe we kept stopping to talk about important life issues.

But that’s what the mountain is for.

Why even be with a mountain if he’s not going to listen to your problems?

I spent the climb up Deer looking for the beauty of the mountain.

“Look at the sun coming through the trees. Isn’t is pretty?”

*judgy stare*

“Look. The leaves are already changing on the trees. Aren’t they pretty?”

“I don’t actually care.”

See? It was her animosity that started the bickering.

She’s gonna tell you that I was whining about food so she suggested we start running a little faster to get me to food more quickly.

But what actually happened was she got stuck coming over a log. Because her hips haven’t been mountain exercised in a week.

And so she decided to get all pissy and take it out on me.

Which is why I was screaming, “Because I’m fucking hungry!!!” at her when OT was coming back up the mountain to get us.

Obviously we needed some time apart.

So after breakfast, we took a five hour break from one another before reconvening for sunset at Christmas Mountain.

And we were all much more pleasant.

Because GJB kept us focused on some engineering plans he’s working on that will revolutionize trail running. And relationships.

Also, someone should take his drawings away from him before he can set these plans in motion.

We set out about 30 minutes earlier than last week.

Causing us to hit the summit wayyyy before sunset.

So we just sat around up there. Waiting. And freezing.

And then we ran out of beer and K-Rob had fed the last of the food to Ginger, so we just couldn’t wait anymore.

There was some judgement of my questionable approach to getting down off the rocks.

Beautiful Beastie felt compelled to re-enact a very exaggerated and highly inappropriate rock straddle to demonstrate how I got stranded last week. That nobody offered to help me off of.

But hey. If my only long term relationship is going to be with mountains, then I’m gonna just need a moment every now and then.

We were a little concerned that we’d have full light the whole way down the mountain. Removing any real challenge or risk of injury.

But some of us were slow enough to make our chest lamps necessary.

So, with the excitement of our NML one year anniversary behind us, we’re ready to fully embrace taper week.

BB says no fitness before Iron Mountain.

“Sooooo, what do we do all week?”

We just kind of stared at each other until Rogue said, “You know, we could do something normal. Like go see a movie or something…”




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