Rope Climb Progress

Fingertip burpees. Foot wrap techniques. Pull-ups.

I’ve gotten a lot of training tips and I’ve been putting in work so I can finally make it up this rope.
I haven’t made it up yet.
But I’m making progress. 
And by progress, I mean that instead of remaining firmly on the ground unable to lift myself even an inch or falling immediately into the holly bush, I can now lift myself up long enough to swing wildly out of control for several long seconds while trying to wrap the rope around my feet and push myself up. 
Plus, I’ve stopped cursing. Me neighbor with the small children appreciates this.
Today I finally got some guidance from my expert, the man that taught me how to throw a football, catch a baseball, and ride a bike.
So, here’s what we’ve learned from this lesson.
I’m NOT carrying extra weight.
I still have no upper body strength.
I need a ladder…and someone to always hold the bottom of the rope steady for me.
And for real, pull-ups from the bottom of the deck are definitely NOT an option…because snakes.
(And also, I never actually learned to throw a football or catch a baseball…because coordination.)

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