BRM Volunteer Restoration

Here's what I've realized about me. This week. When my back is at its absolute angriest, there are exactly two things that make it feel better. Rogue's elbows. And lifting heavy things. And when my soul is at its absolute tiredest, there are exactly three things that restore it. Running mountains. Working with kids. And … Continue reading BRM Volunteer Restoration

Run Blue Ridge

It's Blue Ridge Marathon day. All my friends posted their race outfits yesterday, and I'm sitting here at 4:30 in the morning downing coffee and digging through three laundry baskets full of unfolded clothes trying to find a running bra and a left sock. Seriously. A left sock. Because Feetures and Balega don't think I'm … Continue reading Run Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Double Marathon and FOMO

Got an email today about the Blue Ridge Marathon. Double. The Double Marathon. Apparently there are 17 spots left. For the Double. Admittedly, I haven't registered for BRM yet because I can't decide on which distance to do. I wasn't really considering doing the Double this year. You know, because last year I learned that … Continue reading Blue Ridge Double Marathon and FOMO

Today I Earned a Crown and Restriction

Finished up Virginia's Blue Ridge Triple Crown today. With the Star City Half. I didn't get a crown at the end. I really wanted a crown. Pretty sure I earned one. Apparently I did get a medal, though. That my running partner picked up for me. Because I'm walking-impaired now. North Mountain did some damage … Continue reading Today I Earned a Crown and Restriction

Field of Psychopaths

Soooo, West Virginia Ragnar. It sucks. Hard. But there are always lessons to be learned from these adventure challenges. Here's what I learned at Ragnar Trail West Virginia. First, why does Ragnar throw their descriptive words after the subject like they Mexican or something. It should be Trail Ragnar, not Ragnar Trail, right? Anyway, here's … Continue reading Field of Psychopaths

Night Train 50k (Or, the trail that never ends)

I've been sitting on this one for a while. I started to write it Sunday. Then I fell asleep. And I've been trying to catch up on that sleep since then. I just took a three hour nap, so I should be good now. Laundry's not getting done, but really, how funky can running clothes … Continue reading Night Train 50k (Or, the trail that never ends)