It’s Time For Change

I’m sitting here watching Tabatha Takes Over. I love this show. And not just because of the Australian accented attitude (which is awesome and reason enough to watch – seriously, I want to be her). I love this show because you can see, in each tidy one-hour episode, Tabatha take a mess and turn it into something beautiful. She fixes shit. And she does it with a beautiful kind of terrifying.

I’ve been experiencing an internal struggle over the last month or so. I called in an identity crisis. My best friend assured me it’s not. But, I mean, are you sure? Have you ever experienced one? Maybe I need to go somewhere? Am I unstable? What if I’m unstable? I feel unstable.

No, no. Put the phone down. I’m totally stable.

I’m just…unsatisfied.

If you look at the issues, it really makes perfect sense. I’m working a job that I’m indifferent about, doing work I don’t believe in, and not even able to pay the bills.

I have degrees in psychology and criminal justice. I have a background in corrections, juvenile justice, and counseling. I am called to do work that helps people find a better way.

And I’m called to pay my bills. Like, literally. I’m getting calls asking me to pay my bills.

And what’s more, I’m surrounded by badassery. I am literally surrounded by people that are taking on the fight, a fight, their fight, and kicking ass doing so.

They are changing our juvenile justice system. Fighting cancer with blatant positivity. Pushing acceptance into a community filled with pettiness and jealousy. Spreading love in the face of anger and narrowmindness. Chasing outrageous dreams.

And these are just the people in my life. The real life people I am surrounded by. My family. My friends. My colleagues.

How can I continue to live this way when I’m surrounded by all of that?

So, it’s time to make my own changes and shine my own way.

Here we go…

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