Pandemic Portal

I heard a disembodied voice in my kitchen. Last night. And not just...a voice. A commercial. It was an entire commercial. An entire Cracker Barrel commercial. An entire Cracker Barrel commercial manifested itself in my kitchen last night. I don't even really like Cracker Barrel. I mean, it's ok.'s not the food I fantasize … Continue reading Pandemic Portal

The GJBeat Episode 13

When you work with "at-risk youth." Children. Kids. The ones with the hard stories. The ones that have already racked up more to overcome in their first ten years, than I will in an entire lifetime. You do what you can to find ways to help them. Support them. Walk them through the overcoming. You … Continue reading The GJBeat Episode 13

Why Employers Should Hire Runners

Like, specifically. You should actively recruit runners. I'll explain why. Runners are really healthy, so we'll help keep your insurance costs down. We tend to eat better ... some of us. We get sick less often, so we call out less often. Now, there are breeds of runners (trail runners, ultra runners, OCR runners) that … Continue reading Why Employers Should Hire Runners

Shining Through Imposter Syndrome

Have you heard of this? It's been around a while, but I've only recently begun to understand how it applies to me. If you're not familiar, basically the Imposter Syndrome is a fear of being discovered as not being smart enough or good enough or ... enough. Being a fraud. It's an inability to internalize … Continue reading Shining Through Imposter Syndrome

Scared Straight Back to Juvie

Ok. This one's gonna be a long one. Mostly complain-y. I'm kinda in the "I reallllllly need to punch someone in the throat" headspace right now. I've spent the last hour screaming obscenities at the television. It's possible that there are some hormonal fluctuations contributing to my language choices, but this ... it's just so … Continue reading Scared Straight Back to Juvie