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Romantic Relationships?

My Heart & Sole team lesson tomorrow is on romantic relationships.

Soooo, yeah.

Like, I’m pretty sure I’m the LEAST qualified human being on the planet to lead a lesson on this topic. (Maybe not the planet, but at least the greater Southwest Virginia area.)

I think my friends will back me up on this.

I feel like my lesson, if I had to wing it, would go something like, “Look, date who you want, but if that person tries to use the word ‘can’t’ with you more than once, drop him. Even my own father doesn’t tell me I can’t. You think you can control my life choices? Reign me in? Psht. Please. And really, why am I gonna allow you into my life if you aren’t bringing absolute amazing to it? Like, you better have a whole crapload of amazing to contribute. Because I’ve got this. I’ve created a pretty phenomenal life on my own. I don’t need drama. I don’t need a man!”

Soooo, yeah. It’s not about me, huh?

No, it’s cool. There’s a lesson plan to follow. I can totally handle this. And I’m sure the other coaches will keep me in check. And girl that told me I need to work on my sarcasm issue. She’s pretty good about keeping me in check, too.

But for real, I think if I had to just run a session on this topic without a lesson plan and if I’d had the coffee to really get my thoughts in check beforehand, I would simply remind these girls that most of their favorite men and women will not be those with which they have romantic relationships. I mean, maybe someday. I know my dad is my mom’s favorite person (which is odd because … hello?).

But mostly, their favorite relationships are going to be with their tribe, if they are lucky enough to build the right kind. They will be the ones that they can be totally real with. The ones that will celebrate them for doing the things they love. The ones that will challenge them to be stronger, work harder, push farther, and do the things that scare them. The ones that will respect their minds and their talents and their strengths and pay no attention to their clothes or their hair or their makeup.

So, they should seek out those friendships.

Build that tribe.

And treasure every single one of them.

And then, if they’re really lucky, one day maybe they’ll fall in love with someone.

But it’s also ok if they don’t.

Now, I’ve got a few more lava cakes to enjoy while I watch some Pacers basketball. Because my tribe is the best tribe and they bake me cake.

Man. Psht. He better be bring cake.


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