Call Me Coach

I remember the first time one of my girls called me coach when I saw her out at the store. It was a powerful moment. I have a pretty strong reaction to being left out. Like, unreasonably strong. It's an issue. I know. Plus I'm also one of these awkward introverts that really likes to … Continue reading Call Me Coach

Chicago Marathon Party In Corral L

Corral L There are 11 starting corrals in the Chicago Marathon. L is the 12th letter of the alphabet. That's how far back they put me. 12th out of 11. In all fairness, Chicago chooses to skip the letter I. I assume this is just to screw with people like me who struggle with the … Continue reading Chicago Marathon Party In Corral L

Awkward Hugging and Authenticity

I hugged the director of my division this morning. At my brand new job. She wasn't prepared for a hug. She actually appeared to be going in for a handshake. But I hugged her. And then I shook her hand. This was only our second time interacting. Ever. (Yeah. That. Except that even after I … Continue reading Awkward Hugging and Authenticity

Honoring My Capabilities

Saw one of my mountains on my way to watch my son's soccer game tonight. I will forever claim these mountains as mine. I'm one week into Blue Ridge Double Marathon recovery. Let me tell you, the first few days were iffy. It's possible that I posted a somewhat hysterical Facebook plea begging for advice. … Continue reading Honoring My Capabilities