I Win at Choosing Friends

In less than one week, I’ll be dragging myself into Roanoke at 1am to take on the Blue Ridge Double. It’s a ridiculous idea, really. Why would anyone run a mountain marathon twice? In a row. Like, run up and down the mountains, cross the finish line, and then turn right around and do it again.

It’s stupid.

Not sure it’s the stupidest thing I’ll have ever done to that point, but still pretty stupid.

I went for a little 3 mile run this morning to get a little time on my feet in before some strength training. I spent those 3 miles taking inventory of all of the things that could go wrong. I could oversleep, which would probably be THE worst excuse for missing a race like this, ever. My Achilles and hip hurt. So, there’s the very real possibility that I’ll fully injure myself taking me out of the running game for the summer. Food is a concern. I don’t eat before or during races. But I feel pretty strongly that I’ll need to take in some fuel at some point throughout the 12ish hours I’ll be out on the course. Pooping is also a concern. There’s special timing involved with that process and it will likely not play in my favor on race day.

Plus, coffee.

These were my mopey thoughts this morning.

Aaaaaand then my son drove me into Roanoke under a veil of secrecy. (You can tell by the way I’m dressed just how secret it really was. I mean, I washed myself. And put on real pants. But that’s where my efforts at public presentable ended.)

When we finally arrived at the Green Goat, he walked me into a room of phenomenal.

I’ve written before about Choosing Friends With Reckless Abandon and the unique blessings that each different group brings into my life.

And tonight I got to see so many of them all in one place.


My parents and kids were there. My animal rescue people were there. My theater geek people were there. So so many of my runner people were there.

All of these people spent their time and money to buy a copy (sometimes two or three copies) of my book and held a book signing party for me.

I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have so many amazing people to choose as friends. And I’ve chosen well. Like, I’m pretty sure I win at choosing the best friends. No one has a higher quality group of friends than me.

They didn’t bring me a tiara, but they did bring me cupcakes and cake pops (I love my Norma!) and created an awesome poster that had picture proof that I DO clean up every now and then (thank you my Felix!) and someone got Ellis and Greer to come out and someone made a framed photo of my book cover and set up a special author table and lined up like they were at a legit author book signing event. I’m not entirely sure who was responsible for all of this, though I see Kim and I think Amy written all over it.

Most of these people will also be running Blue Ridge next weekend and I feel pretty confident that when I pass out in the park after the double on Saturday, that they’ll drag my unconscious body to my car rather than letting me just sleep in the park all night.

In fact, Kim actually announced that her job was to take care of me after the race. (Someone will probably have to remind her about that, though. You’ve met her, right?)

So, I’m going to go allow myself to be emotional now as the realization of tonight hits me. I am blessed beyond measure. I am in awe of each and every one of you. And I can’t begin to thank you enough for being part of my life.

Also, my Pacers beat the Cavs.

Today was a good day. (You better rap when you read that.)


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