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Totally Mostly Prepared for Marine Corps Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon is one week away.

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THAT is a LOT of people.

This will be my last race of 2018. I think. Probably. Really, I’m not sure. I’m not actually in charge of that decision. I run what I’m told to run.

In fact, I wasn’t originally supposed to run MCM. I mean, I was told to run it and so I obediently registered for the lottery, but I didn’t get in. So, I thought I was gonna try to act like I was in control of my own running decisions and just refused to do it.

However, someone who has run this race every year for many, many years is unable to this year. And while I hate that for him, I am extremely thankful that Jer and Amy have allowed me the opportunity to experience this race. And to comply with the order I was given to run it.

The thing is, even though people make me run these races, they don’t make me actually train for them. So my training looks an awful lot like just going out and running races unprepared. I got my long training run in at Chicago Marathon and another decent training run at Salem Half.

I did try to pretend to be a real runner and got a few decent training runs in with my running partner this week. Mostly that was less about training and more about running with him. Because he makes it fun. And then probably gets me to food mostly in time to avoid the uncomfortably silent me.


But still. It was a run on the greenway. The very flat greenway. So much flat. Seriously. Look it.

See that beautiful mountain that we completely circumvented yesterday? Ninety six feet of “elevation.” *sigh*

And while I continue to feel like Kim’s nightmare about my Achilles tendons just snapping, busting through my skin, and flailing about like udon noodles is a very real possibility, I also feel totally mostly prepared for this marathon.

Still, it seems ridiculous that Kim, Ercilia, and Courtney would expect me to have detailed travel information like leave times and route plans a full week ahead of time. These chicks were throwing questions at me yesterday that they knew I was unprepared to respond to. They’ve met me. Part of me wanted to just start throwing random times and road names out there because they really should know better. Two of them were there with me, in Chicago, when I was allowed to be in charge of navigation and planning.

I mean, I can’t even be trusted to maneuver my car correctly at the gas pump. (There’s a story there. But sharing would likely tarnish the genius image I’m trying to create. So, nevermind.)

I figure I’ll somehow make it to the MCM starting line and then to the finish line. Eventually. And hopefully with all of my tendons safely intact inside my skin. And then maybe even back home again for work on Monday. Because work the day after a marathon is a really solid idea.

And then maybe I’ll be done for the year and get to rest some. Or maybe not. I’ll know when my running people let me know.




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