Yoga Date

This guy

Look at him there. Sleeping all peacefully. Like he didn’t just shovel everyone else’s food portions into his adorable face and then vomit it all back up. In the middle of the stairs. Before it was light enough for me to see.

Before coffee…

Cats are assholes.

But yoga.

Yoga is what allows him to continue living here.

Because the rest of the Vinton/Roanoke/Bedford world has not yet discovered Wednesday Roanoke Yoga in Vinton, I had a magical yoga date last night.

Just me and the Magic Yogess.

“Do you want hands on tonight?”

“Does a bear shit in the woods?”

I didn’t say this. It’s not a yoga-appropriate phrase. And yoga is the one place where I try to always be appropriate.

I just gave an awkwardly over enthusiastic yes.

But c’mon. We’d all be thinking it.

An hour of magic pressy back hands. Massaging. Stretching.

Towards the end, right before savasana, she said, “I’ll take over from here.”

Y’all. Those words are pure bliss to a woman who has been single mothering and five to six jobbing it for the last 20 years. I have had to be in charge of every other part of life and make way too many decisions on the daily for freakin ever.

I’ll take over from here?

Dear lord yes.

Take it.

And she did.

And what happened was relaxing and rejuvenating and healing and restoring and magical.

Now let me say, for those that haven’t experienced yoga with this particular Magic Yogess, that you are doing damage to your body. Your soul. Your very being.

I’m being dramatic. But it’s only because I care.

I’ve been yoga-ing for years. And yoga has generally always been good. Or at least ok. And that’s fine if you just want to give money to people to give you a space to feel ok.

But this yoga. Roanoke Yoga. It is incomparable.

After years of doing standard quality yoga, I went to my first class with the Magic Yogess and learned how to actually do down dog. Like, actual form that turned that move into something spectacular. Because she actually looked at my form, told me what to correct, and then laid hands on me to fully adjust me to the perfect stretchy spot.


After years of doing standard yoga, I started learning how to do more advanced moves. Not, like, scorpion pose or anything, yet, but some legit progress towards advancing. Because homegirl teaches you through it.

After years of doing standard yoga, I’ve found the magic that is walking out of yoga class feeling both physically worked and completely relaxed. Feeling both powerful and peaceful. All at once. It’s a beautiful place.

So, my Roanoke/Vinton/Bedford people, I’mma need y’all to get out to the Vinton Senior Center on Wednesday nights. Because I need to keep these classes going. And also because Rogue will get jealous if I keep having these yoga date nights with Erica. And Rogue is prone to peeing on people if she gets jealous.

Nobody wants that.

And also, I need this yoga to not dehome this little asshole

And hey, if you come, afterwards we can grab some food and I can kick your ass in skee ball at the Macados next door.

Good times.

Here are the deets:

Roanoke Yoga


đź’«VINTON-820 Washington Ave

830am-Chair Yoga (donation based)

530pm- Beginner Yoga ($10 or 5 for $45)

645pm- Flow Yoga ($10 or 5 for $45)

đź’«SALEM-42 E Main St (lower level)

10am-Chair Yoga ($10 or 5 for $45)

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