I’m A Little Salty

My girls are out west on a running adventure.

Somewhere out west.

I was supposed to go. I had plane tickets and everything. But I’mma be real. I don’t actually know where we were going.

But wherever it was, they’re there.

Being awesome.

Breaking in the new Roanoke Valley Trail Runners flag.

And I’m here. Reworking standardized testing schedules for the 100th time.

I’m a little salty.

They’re out in the western mountains running ultras and I’m here. Working on a zero mileage week.

Ok. I’m pretty salty.

So after finishing today’s home visits, where case notes were once again filled with warnings of gang colors and weapon sightings, I met up with the rest of the crew (which consisted of Endong, GJB, and TMTJ because we’re the only ones not out being awesome on a mountain today…yet) for a board meeting.

Where we shared life secrets and established an atmosphere of support and acceptance. And it probably didn’t get weird and way too personal at all.

Because runners are totally stable people.

Really, you’d think after all those hours in the mountains, we’d know everything there is to know about each other.

But …. no. My people are way weird. And way awesome. Just it’s a really special kind of awesome.

And since we’re a special kind of awesome, we got our run in. From the bar. To our cars.

Feeling pretty good to have gotten some mileage in this week finally.

Tomorrow I might even try for a whole tenth of a mile.

(This doesn’t bode well for the The Sunshine/GJB Lifetime Championship. But you should still register to be witness to it. It will be a glorious shit show, if nothing else. Just hit me up when you do. So I can claim you for my team. And we can shame GJB into silence. For, like, an hour at least.)

Now. If you need me, I’ll be over here avoiding the social medias. Because I don’t want to see the photos of all the ultra awesomeness.

Because I’m super salty.

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