Donut Castles

Sometimes you find something that was just meant for you.

It’s like the universe just knows you. And so it puts this thing right in front of you.

Just the perfect thing that you didn’t even know you needed in your life.

When you least expect it.


That wasn’t for me.

It was Runabout Ally’s birthday.

So her husband brought her a donut Castle.

Freakin married people.

It’s cool, though. I ate one, anyway.

I needed it.

The week has been long and chaotic and stressful.

There was a point this week when I almost drank the backwash remnants of someone else’s coffee…

Because I showed up for a meeting without mine. And my boss looked worried about that. So he offered me his cup. Of backwash coffee remnants. And I had to forcibly stop my hand from accepting it…

I’m not proud of that.

I won’t offer the details of my stress.

I mean, a large part of it involves half a box of feminine products in two days. Because freaking hormonal shifts.

Imma probably just bleed out next month.

And five jobs.

Because four years of creating debt while putting a child through college on your own eventually catches up to you.

And who though a 50k this weekend was a good idea?

Do you know how many miles that is?

Like, 31.

(You didn’t expect me to know, did you?)

(I looked it up.)

Do you know how many collective miles I’ve run since September 1st?

Like, 31.

And more than half of that was crammed into the last week.

I did 14 OT training miles Saturday. Five Family Christmas miles Sunday night. And four Runabout miles last night.

And because I really just like a challenge, I threw in a PlayFITStayFIT arm day yesterday. I mean, why not? I’ll only use them to balance on the trails and propel me up the mountains on Saturday. Why not make them super sore and exhausted.

But really. J-Vicous will hound the hell out of you when you don’t show up for two weeks. Which is probably how he helps people stay on track, blah blah blah.

I needed to shut him up.

But I was hemorrhaging this week.

Nobody needed to be around that.

So here I go. With a bunch of random stuff shoved into a bag. Heading out to meet K-Rob and Tiny Brazilian and LeBBQ after work. Hoping I’ll have most of what I need on race day. And that, without Rogue there, North Carolina won’t turn into a shit show. Just this once.

Maybe there will be donut castles at the aid stations.

I feel like that would help my iron levels after this week.

(If you’re worried or skeptical or just really bored on Saturday, you can track me. On RaceJoy. Bib #77465. If I stop moving for more than 15 minutes, call my mom. She won’t come get me. But someone needs to feed my cats.)

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