Unplanned Three Day Weekend

So, unplanned three day weekend.

Because rain.

I mean, that’s what I thought when the dogs still insisted on getting up at 5:00am to go pee.

And I was extra pissy. Because first, I cannot explain to you how much a snow day today throws my entire year off track. Like, I literally cannot even explain it. It’s too hard. It’s that bad.

But also? If I am gonna get the day off to try to restructure the next five months of my life, I should at least get to sleep in.

But no.

They’ve gotta pee.

So I may have been walking a little too pissily when I opened the front door.

And stepped out onto the deck.


And immediately fell.


Like, soul-crushing hard.

And then slid.

Almost right on off the deck.

I just…



It’s fine

Everything’s fine.

I probably need this.

I’ve been hibernating a little bit this week.

Enough to prompt some “where the fuck are you” and “you’ve been quiet” and “ummmm, blog?” texts.

But not quite enough to get my head back in place.

I’m getting a lot of sympathy looks at work.

Like, legit we’re worried you may need to be force-medicated kind of sympathy looks.

Which, I mean…

Nah. I’m good.

Well. But, what kind of meds are we looking at here…?

Because my friends think I need the “Long Mountain Miles” kind…

I mean.

But maybe some Xanax…



That’s fine.

It’ll be fine.

But then apparently snow days impact the viability of North Mountain.

Because just about the time I got the animals calmed the fuck down. And limped back upstairs. And crawled back into bed.

The Tiny Brazilian starts messaging the world about our Saturday options. And I just don’t even have it in me to fight it.

Just whatever.

Because it’s 5 fucking 30 in the morning, Brazilian.


So yeah.

I’m just gonna embrace the idea of getting a full day at home to get some shit caught up.

Watch the new Mandalorian.

Maybe dip outside of my skill area and get a little domestic.

Possibly force my way into THE BFF’s home. And make her listen to my whining.

Assuming I can make it outside of my house safely.

Perhaps binge-watch some Star Wars. Skipping over the prequels. Because…

And just not even consider the shit show that will be my life come January.



It’s fine.

Everything’s gonna be fine.

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