New Pandemic Greeting

Only five more weeks of school. I refuse to count the sixth week. Because I’m going to spend that one locked in my office. Pretending standardized testing. And truancy. And allll of the just really awful things our kids are experiencing. Are not actual things. Just gonna be staring off into the void. Until June … Continue reading New Pandemic Greeting

Mustard Is Acceptable

“What’s the best condiment?” In my mind I was thinking ketchup. “If you pick ketchup, you’re a fucking chump.” Thank god he wasn’t asking me. I would’ve definitely picked ketchup. “Mustard is acceptable.” I mean, I think mustard is probably the worst of the condiments. But I also would’ve picked ketchup, so what the fuck … Continue reading Mustard Is Acceptable

I Can’t Stop The Words

Probably someday someone's going to stop letting me talk to the other people. I'm just sitting here in the car shop waiting room place waiting for Grungy Mechanic-Looking Dude to honk my horn (again, not a euphemism) and unreject me. And suddenly I feel the urge to start saying words. Grungy Mechanic-Looking Dude: Nissan Rogue? … Continue reading I Can’t Stop The Words

Totally Normal Jealousies

I didn't used to think of myself as a jealous person. Recent events have suggested that I may have a teeny tiny jealous streak in me. Like, just a small, itty bitty, totally emotionally healthy jealous streak. My quick "hmph" at my BFF's post about how much she loves her best friend. Which is not … Continue reading Totally Normal Jealousies