Annual Star Wars Night


That’s what time I got home last night.

And maybe I spent the day grazing through the piles of food in my desk drawer.

But I didn’t have an actual meal at any point during the day.

And I didn’t eat when I got home from work.

Because I haven’t been to the grocery store yet this week. And easily prepared food is sparse right now.

Plus, it took me several hours to get all of my children wrangled into my car.

There may have been some jokes made. Surrounding melanin. And promptness.

Or maybe there weren’t.

Don’t judge.

I made them.

And we use humor to cope with stereotypes.

But I managed to gather them all. And get to the theater. A solid two minutes before start time.

Spent the car ride there witnessing what I thought was a pretty heated debate over which is better: Naruto or The Last Airbender. Because the female child hadn’t watched either growing up.

But I was corrected. Apparently there is no debate. Just passionate declaration.

And apparently Naruto is the answer. And not Airbender. Like I thought.

The rest of the drive was very much the same. With two twenty somethings arguing and wrestling and laughing like two teenagers. In my fairly tiny car.

And only the female twenty something actually behaving herself.

Once we pulled into the parking lot, three of us abandoned the car. And left it sitting. In the middle of the lot. For the handsome child to park.

It’s fine! I got this!

Asked the ticket taking dude if we had to wait for him.

Nah. Just tell me his name.

In an effort to be helpful, the smart child offered up a description. He looks like a basketball player. But one without any actual skills.

So when the handsome child finally rolled up to our seats, saying he almost had to fight someone, the smart child sat there looking quite proud of himself. Thinking ticket taking dude had actually asked the handsome child if he was the dude with no actual basketball skills.

Apparently, though. My children really are my children. And don’t pay a whole lot of attention to details.

Because what had actually happened was the handsome child had tried to kick some poor guy out of his seat. On the other side of the theater.

Did you not notice that he was surrounded by people who were not us??

Who the hell did you think you were sitting with???

It’s fine.

He figured it out.

And we watched the “final” Star Wars episode.

And yes. I cried.

And spent two and a half hours readjusting my legs. Which were slowly shutting down. Because freakin leg day.

Dammit, J-Vicious.

Anyway. That’s all I’ll say about the actual movie. Because I’m not an asshole.

But once we got back in the car. And started the drive home. I was realizing that, not only had I not really had a proper meal that day. I also would not have anything before going to bed.


So, that picture was not taken by me.

Y’all know who lives in Vinton, right?

Y’all know who has given me McDonald’s-related PTSD.

I almost. Almost asked the kids if they wanted to run through the drive thru real quick.

But something stopped me.

And made me just keep driving.

And I got this message from OT…

I’m not saying the force is real.

But I’m not not saying it.

Now. If you’ll excuse me. I have to go finish loading 500 items into my Kroger Clicklist cart.

Because I’m gonna eat ALL of the food tonight.

While I watch the newest Mandalorian.

Because maybe I forgot that they released that episode on Wednesday this week.

Because freakin details.

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  1. Unless….
    This story did not end the way that I expected it to. If there is a gun in Act 2 it goes off by Act 5. And you mentioned the golden arches.

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