Pandemic Progress

I’ve got internet.

Real internet.

Like, I can download all the files and join all the meetings necessary to be a contributing member of all of my work teams.

And I can watch all of the basketball games I want. All of them. In their entirety.

Wait. No. I can’t.


But I could. If we were sportsing.

Because with my real internet came real tv.

Woke up this morning. Got my coffee. And turned on my real tv.

The Today Show popped on.

With a story about Connecticut police.

Flying drones around.

To enforce social distancing.

And detect Coronavirus symptoms…


Maybe I don’t need real tv.

I probably shouldn’t get sucked into the Netflix bingeing, anyway.

I haven’t been overwhelmingly productive during this quarantine, as it is.

I mean, I’ve done my jobs. Earned my paychecks.

But on a personal level. I haven’t done a whole lot. And by whole lot, I mean I haven’t done shit.

I ripped up dog pee carpeting in my home office. And Marie Kondoed all of my running clothes out onto my bedroom floor.

That’s it.

I’ve got one floorless floor and one sports-bra covered floor. And now I’m at a standstill.

But I know some people. Who are doing some shit.

J-Vicious has created a 5k and 10k virtual race. For us. Because he knows we like to run. But also some of us need structure.

And. Ok. So, when he threw this out there. A few things happened.

First, obviously I signed up for the 10k. Because I’m usually gonna choose the longer distance.

And then thoughts started tick tockin in my old noggin. (Have y’all seen Michelle Wolf‘s Wildcat routine? You need to.)

Anyway, the thoughts. So my people. Some of my people. We like to throw some strength intervals into our runs sometimes. Especially if we’re forced to run on the road.

And I thought that might be a fun addition to the 5k.

And Fall Risk said she was signing up for both distances. Because we wanna support our favorite gym. But also, you can’t have too many pandemic race shirts.

And maybe I threw the idea of a strength intervals 5k out to J-V…

And maybe I asked him to pick the strength exercises…

I’m not…

I’m not sure why I would do that…

But then Skratch jumps in. And reminds me. That at some point way back at the very start of this virtual race idea. I may have agreed to some burpee intervals bullshit. For the 10k option. On the Hi Dee Ho Loop…

When did I agree…?

Fuck. I did. Didn’t I?

What is actually wrong with me?

This loop used to be the worst loop I knew.

Until North Mountain Overlord introduced me to North Fucking Mountain.

The thought of throwing burpees into it seems…extra.

We’re so gonna find a reasonable route for the 5k option.

Lemme know if you wanna join in on the bullshit. From a socially appropriate distance.


So there’s that madness going down soon.

But also. Another really cool thing happened. Finally. Finally happened. Last night.

And it’s not fully ready yet.

There’s some stuff that needs to occur.

But the initial product was excellent.

So the end product will no doubt be fucking phenomenal.

And I can’t wait for y’all to experience it.

Because this has been over a year in the making.

And a lot of y’all. That have been part of the conversations. Have been waiting for it.

Sometimes you get to be part of something special.

I think this is gonna absolutely be one of those times.

Now. Who wants to burpee through a bullshit 10k with Skratch and me?

(Click on the pic to sign up.)

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