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The GJBeat Episode 2

“Let’s go for beers on the porch after this!”

That was the first thing OT ever said to me.

Or what I thought he said.

What he actually said was, “Let’s go run Hi Dee Ho after this!”

“After this” was Four on the Fourth.

A four mile road race.

In 90 degree weather.

And if you’re not familiar, Hi Dee Ho used to be the awfulest trail I’d ever met.

So when I quickly agreed to his proposition. As sweat was pouring into my eyes. And I was struggling to keep moving. And breathing. He realized I’d misheard him.

Thankfully, he clarified himself.

And thus began one of my favorite friendships in all the histories.

Spend enough time with him, he’ll have you cooking shit like this.

And waking up at 2:00am for views like this.

And eventually, he’s gonna have you using your mom voice as he does shit like this.

That’s on the edge of a cliff. In case you don’t recognize the area.

He’s an inspirer. And entertainer. And philosopher. And adventurer. And he’ll lead you to the best memories of your life if you let him.

So, he was the obvious choice for the next episode of The GJBeat.

It’s a long one.

And we didn’t even cover everything there was to cover.

It would’ve been longer. If GJB hadn’t edited out the middle portion. Where OT and I held a detailed and intelligent discussion about poop consistency. While GJB yelled at us. From the bathroom. To stop. Just stop.

OT and I figured if anyone would appreciate the value of a good poop talk, it’s our fellow runners.

But it’s not our podcast, so…

Give it a listen. Enjoy it. And then maybe put down the chips and go out for a run.

A few notes:

I’ve never had anyone invite me to a spa day. I’m a little salty about it. But also I probably can’t afford one, so fine.

North Fucking Mountain is not the shining example of what Roanoke has to offer.

He was right about the Dragon’s Tooth New Year’s Sunrise.

I may have been a little off on the fruits and veggies percentage recommended by ChooseMyPlate.gov but we all know I’m not good with the maths.

There’s #richesinniches. And ima say it for always now. With the hashtag.

I will always leave the room when y’all start talking about biking.

Those pickles were still there when Rogue, GJB, OT, and I ran 311-220 yesterday. And we ate them. And we seem to be ok.

And I’m still waiting for my invitation to Camp Hale…


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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