The GJBeat Episode 8

When you live in the Roanoke area. You are required to take a photo on the ledge of McAfee Knob. McAfee’s Knob. MacAfee Knob. However you say it. You have to take a pic. It’s the law.

But then you don’t ever have to go back again. If you don’t want.

I’ve been forced up there several times.

I don’t know why they keep making me go back.

I took my required pic years ago.

But I’m hoping the next time I’m forced to go. And yes, I do have to be forced. Because I don’t love it the way this dude does. It will be to celebrate this guest’s 300th summit.

He was already at 284 at the time of this recording less than two weeks ago.

So, I figure we should be prepared to celebrate 300 by this weekend…

So here are your Episode Notes:

This is the episode where GJB starts off by just snitching on everybody he’s ever known. Dude can’t be trusted. And despite the rule, GJB did not, in fact, get stitches following the production of this episode. Because Nor’Lord is not quite the level of questionable human I am.

Four Saints Brewing is not, in fact, in Asheville. But is, in fact, in Asheboro. Which despite being in the same state, is, in fact, an entirely different city. #Facts.

Nor’Lord waited a full week and a half following production of this episode before clarifying that bit of trivia for GJB. Lest he spend an entire day searching for it on his next trip to Asheville.

Personally, I would’ve let him discover this on his own.

But, again, more questionable human.

Here’s the pic he’ll shove in your face as proof that he was insta famous. For, like, a second.

Any giggling you hear on this podcast is in response to GJB’s face when anyone says, “McAfee’s.” Which is the way everyone should always say it when in proximity of GJB.

The answer to any question that starts with “What if North Mountain…” should always be “Just stop running.”

It took me years. YEARS. To transition from 5k’s to America’s Toughest Road Marathon. And I consider myself a pretty average person. Just. Think about that. As you listen to this.

I used to play Rock Band.

I wasn’t very good at it.

Dating is never a valid reason to run 158 miles. At one time. (Dating is never a valid reason for anything, really. Dating itself is barely valid.)

It took me almost 12 hours to run the Blue Ridge Double. And I barely managed that. (It never seemed like I was running way faster than I was. Never.)

This is Machu Pichu. This is why I laughed…

I’m prolly never gonna do a 14er. But I’m prolly gonna get the shirt anyway.

I did not actually run the 50K that weekend.

18 miles of mountain hiking is not a normal warm up to a marathon. Just. Don’t do that.

I love Pat McAfee.

That is all.

Go ahead and give a listen to how a super human operates.

Atlanta, if you’re reading, GJB wants to know who you are.

But I’m more curious to know who all of you out side of the US listening to The GJBeat are…

Because I really want to visit all of these places. But y’all not accepting Americans in right now. So I’m gonna need some folks on the inside who might let some things slide. (I really hope you rapped that line…)


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  1. Finally, a Hamilton reference.

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