The GJBeat Episode 5

“Do snakes have ears?”

I don’t know anything about snakes.

If we’re friends on social media, you’ve probably seen the video of my Tiny Brazilian trying to convince a North Mountain rattlesnake to move off trail so we could pass. Because we had a challenge to do. And she was impeding progress.

We never finished that loop.

But it quickly became everyone’s favorite video.

Because she’s super adorable.

She’s one of those people that lives up to the hype.

Like, sometimes people will try to make me friends with their friends. By telling them how much they’ll love me. And then when we finally meet. It’s really hit or miss whether or not I’m gonna be even a little bit charming. Or even adorably awkward. Mostly I’ll probably be pissy. Because new people.

But TB is always ALWAYS charming. And adorable. And just the most obnoxiously positive without being even a tiny bit obnoxious. Like, on anyone else her level of positive would annoy the ever loving fuck out of you. But on her it’s just…awesome.

Now, podcast night started off…questionably.

And that’s on me.

I probably walked in with some questionable information. Like, wildly inappropriate. But also super instructive. Complete with hand gestures.

And got everyone all riled up.

But GJB reigned everyone back in before hitting the record button.

And then the magic started.

So, here are your Episode Notes:

First, it was the magic of math. And the fact that GJB spent the entirety of his work day calculating distances between Rio de Janairo. And various places around the world.

And he did this because he wanted to demonstrate how far TB drove when she immigrated to the United States.

Like, the notes. If you could have just seen his notes.



With numbers.

And the joy I experienced when she finally responds to all of his math…

It’s special. That’s all. Just so hilariously special.

Also, I’m not sure I sufficiently expressed my shock and indignation about this during the pod. But you shouldn’t have to give up a name to become American.

So much injustice.

I know so many people violating federal law right now…

Also, it’s spelled Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

See. I can spell.

And here’s how it looks.

Those mountains look like someplace we should run.

I also feel like I should clarify. For the folks whose ears are not attuned to the Brazilian accent. She was never illegal. She was always legal. So…just put the phone down…

And yes. She did. Actually. Pull me up Roanoke Mountain. On our second loop of the Blue Ridge Double.

But really. The math. We were 25 minutes in before she explained…

Oh it’s just the best moment in podcast history.

(I think it’s also very important for me to point out that I do, in fact, like a few of my high school friends. But only the ones who follow my blog. And will actually read this…)

She did used to make me wake up at 1am. Drive to Roanoke. Run up Mill Mountain. And then take her 5am HIIT class at PlayFITStayFIT. And while I was in the best shape of my life when we were doing that. And all of my pants fit back then. I was also resentful.

I miss it.

And I want y’all to fully understand. What this woman did. It’s not easy, or cheap, to become a US citizen. That she successfully went through this process speaks to her determination and bravery. And while she continually expresses her gratitude that America “accepted” her. We are the ones that should be thankful.

Because we are the lucky ones. To have her in our lives.

And when we got to the end. There were tears. You can hear hers. And her struggle to get through it. But we all had them. It was truly one of the realest, rawest moments I’ve experienced with these people. And I adore her even more for sharing it with us.

I’ve been a few months finally finishing this blog. Because 2020. So, hopefully most of y’all have already listened to the actual podcast by now. But if you haven’t. Or if you just need another shot of both entertainment and inspiration. Give it a listen.

The math, though…

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