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Spring Break Kickoff

Just had a 13 minute conversation with one of my neighbors. Without being awkward even once.

I mean…it was probably something like 13 minutes.

Obviously I don’t know exactly how long the conversation was.

I wasn’t…timing it…or anything…

So I’m feeling pretty good about my start to Spring Break.

I kicked it off with 20 miles at Jennings Creek.

It was 24 degrees at 8am.

And when I turned onto Jennings Creek Rd. Every pick up truck in Bedford County was flooding the road. Lining it on each side. Taking over every available parking spot.

So much camo.

And I quickly racked my brain for what month it is. And what could possibly be in season…

Dear God please don’t let it be bears.

It’s Spring Break. This is my zero stress week. Dammit.

But Beautiful Beastie explained. The Trout Truck rolled through.

So obviously every highly skilled fisherman in the tri county area descended upon this single creek to prove their worth as a fisherman.

It was fine.

Because they clearly weren’t gonna be climbing up the mountain with us. There are no fish on the mountain.

It’s been a minute. Since I’ve been on this mountain. I’d forgotten. How much it toys with your emotions. And your legs.

Climb. Descend.

Climb more. Descend more.

Bigger climb. Bigger descent.

And remember how I went to Leg Day Wednesday?

“How is that leg day feeling?”

Every fucking rep. I was feeling every single fucking rep.

Two hundred calf raises? Why, though.

And Rogue was supposed to go with us. But things happen. And she ended up about an hour and a half behind us.

So when we got to the overlook. BB suggested we backtrack to meet her. And go back up to the overlook with her.

And that sounded like a decent idea. As I was reclining on a rock. In the sunshine. In pure peacefulness. Looking out over this view.

But as we started back down. And hit a mile. And then another mile. And then another…

And the recognition that we’d have to climb back up again. And back down again.

And there was still that last just really bullshit climb. At the very end.

And every. single. leg day. rep.

And it was now closer to 80 degrees than 24 degrees. And I just wanted to strip my leggings off.

And I was absolutely walking my ass back down that mountain. Because I wanted to give her all the time in the world to make her way up to us.

And Rogue was nowhere to be found.

Because she’d gone off course.

Even though we’d sent her photo directions.

And by the time we’d managed to get ahold of her. And address her cries of “Where the fuck am I??”

We’d hit the point of no return.

Meaning I refused to return to this point again today.

So when we finally met up with her. About 3 1/2 miles from the overlook. We suggested she just come back down the mountain with us.

But she is who she is. So she kept going.

And BB almost suggested we go back up with her.

But I’d started my real food fantasies a good mile back.

And even though I adore her for bringing this Sunshine Spring Break Emergency Snack Kit for me.

It was definitely not a cheeseburger and beer.

And no one wants to be stuck on a mountain with me when my real food fantasies kick into high gear.

And Blue Ridge Trail Runners were definitely not out here with grilled cheese and bacon. Dammit.

And as we approached Bryant’s Creek Shelter. We could smell food cooking.

And BB said I couldn’t just sit and eat with them.

Ok. But if they’ve got any of those IPAs, it’s game over.

He didn’t. Have any IPAs. And food wasn’t ready.

So we continued to make our way back down the mountain. And up. And up some more.

And I got crankier. And crankier.

And slower. And slower.

And it was getting hotter and hotter.

And then finally. Finally. We were all the way down.

And we tried to enjoy creek beer.

But game wardens and bug swarms made it uncomfortable.

So I did my stretches. Like my Cross Country team has trained me to do.

And then got in my car.

And drove myself to Walmart.

For supplies.

Yes. That is absolutely a bag of bags of chips.

Sitting beside my couch.

And I had zero shame eating through those.

After eating through this.

No idea what it was called. But it came in my free Dinnerly box. And I made it myself. And ate it myself.

Because I’m on Spring Break.

So I get to eat both servings at once.

And have a bag of bags of chips beside my couch.

And have timed non-awkward conversations with my new neighbors.


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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