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Hoop Hole Adventure

I’m lying here. Watching the sun rise. Outside my window.

I mean, not the actual sun.

I can’t see that from my window.

I can only see the sight of the new speakeasy they’re gonna build.

But I can see it’s getting light out.

It’s the last day of Spring Break.

And I’ve committed to running a marathon. Today.

I don’t really remember how it happened.

It was sometime after I’d talked Fall Risk into PlayFITStayFIT Leg Day. After our four mile venture at Wolf Creek Wednesday.

I did spend the entire workout apologizing to her. Because knee ups. Weighted. Weighted knee ups.

My God, J-Vicious. Why do you hate us?

And it started really just as a casual conversation between Fall Risk and Rogue and me. About maybe getting in our Blue Ridge Marathon virtual.

But then the others heard Rogue and I trying to plan. Yesterday. As we climbed 500 miles up and around Hoop Hole.

And so now it’s a whole thing.

That I actually have to get up. And go do. At 8:30am. On my last day of Spring Break.

And I’m already 41 miles in for the week. Which is a lot. For me.

In fairness, nine of those miles were yesterday’s relaxing traverse around the hole. Splashing through the creeks. Admiring the waterfalls. Traversing the millions of downed trees. Asking if we were done climbing yet. Collecting iron ore waste rocks like my grandmother. Watching Finn’s Dad stalk the Fruit Loops bird. Not watching Everyone’s Favorite Husband bathe in the creek tub. Eating 25 lbs of nachos…

Yeah that last one was probably not a solid choice before a marathon…

And I gotta be real. There’s a big part of me that wants to stay inside all day. Working on SOL testing letters. And sessions. And schedules. And truancy spreadsheets. And all the things I need to do to reduce my level of stress. And work. Walking back into school tomorrow.

But this is the first time I can remember. That I haven’t spent time off from work…working.

Because when I told Beautiful Beastie that I was going on Spring Break…

Tiny Brazilian’s niece is going to visit for a week this summer. And her plan is to take her on daily adventures. To tire her out. So that by the time she gets home, all she wants do is shower and eat and go to bed.

And that’s what BB did to me this week. She crammed my schedule as full of adventure as she could. So that all I’m gonna want to do when I get home today. Is shower. And eat. And collapse into bed.

And that is exactly what Spring Break should be.

Because the next seven weeks are going to be stressful regardless of what I do today.

So today I’m just gonna run.


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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