It’s Only Thursday

Woke up this morning thinking, “oh thank goodness. It’s Friday. Just gotta get through this day and then just one more week til winter break.”


It’s not Friday.

It’s not Friday, y’all.

It’s Thursday.

It’s Thursday jam packed with truancy meetings.

And it seems odd that this week is dragging out like this.

I took a mental health day Monday.

That felt amazing.

Volunteered for Scholastic Bowl Tuesday night. As the Quizmaster. Which is one of my favorite things to do.

Just standing up on stage with a captive audience forced to listen to me read stuff for two solid hours.

And the title.


Henceforth, young ones, you shall acknowledge me in the halls with “Hello, my Quizmaster.”

They shook their heads no.

Ungrateful little defiants.

But it was an energizing evening. After a draining day. That made it feel like I hadn’t, in fact, just taken a mental health day.

My mental was not healthy.

But quizmastering helped.

Then yesterday. Wednesday. Kristen Kreme gifted us a dozen donuts. Which were placed in the mail room. On a first come first served arrangement.

And we’re already working in Thunderdome. Throw a very limited supply of Krispy Kremes into the mix. And I imagine a cage match situation occurring in the mailroom.

But I don’t know. Because I was testing.

So I didn’t get to the mailroom until considerably later.

And my heart leapt. Literally leapt. For joy. When I saw the Krispy Kreme box still there.

Happily skipped my way over to it.

And opened it…

Mother fucker.

Who the fuck leaves an empty Krispy Kreme box just sitting here???

I was actually irate.

It’s best I don’t ever know who did it.

My anger and resentment are going to linger on that one.

I just.

Why, though.


Anyway. So I was pretty tired at the end of the day.

And I just wanted to go home. To my jam jams. And watch my Hoosiers.

But GJB had suggested a night trip up McAfee. And he’s still recovering from thousands of miles he ran last month. So I knew it was an opportunity to casually stroll up the mountain. Instead of the standard gasping for oxygen run he normally makes me do.

So I went.

I showed up.

In all of my layers of clothes.

Because freaking winter is here, y’all.

And I hate being cold.

And I sat in my car. Until the last damn second. And then reluctantly got out. So we could head up the mountain.

And within seconds. I was energized. And happy. And loving life.

There is something so incredibly special about a mountain at night.

Just utter peace.

And even though there was a cyclone happening. At the top.

And my puffy coat was struggling to keep me protected.

The view. As always. Made up for the discomfort.

Had to steal those pics from GJ’s Strava. Because he’s got the good camera.

Mine just takes pics like this.

So I feel moderately ready for today’s truancy fest.

Which is the worst kind of fest.

Even though it’s not actually Friday yet.

It will be fine.

But seriously. Who leaves an empty Krispy Kreme box lying around??

That shit ain’t funny.

Educator minds are quite fragile right now.

Make better choices, people.

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