End of My Fitness Hiatus

“What are you guys doing???”

Whatever we want! We’re grown!

Went to leg day yesterday.

At PlayFITStayFIT.

Haven’t been there in a minute.

Because PlayFITStayFIT classes coincide with my post-work coma schedule.

It’s hard to work around that. Because work is fully draining. Like, as I’m walking out of the building at 4pm (3:56 pm…because I can). The building itself goes, “I notice you may perhaps have a bit of energy left there. Lemme just go ahead and take that for you. Wouldn’t want you to carry that all the way to your car by yourself.”

That’s…so kind of you, school building.

And now I’m also on this new medication. For my tremor.

Which was…it was questionable how I got that. But it’s fine. I’m sure everything is totally fine.

But this med, it makes me tired. Like, comatose tired. Like 12 hours of solid sleep might not be enough kind of tired.

So I’m struggling with the timing of it. When to take it.

If I take it too early. I’ll just hit REM at the stoplight five miles from my house. Take it too late and I’ll sleep straight through 1st and 2nd block at work. (That’s the entire first half of the work day for you non-block schedule education folks.)

But yesterday I seemed to have timed things well enough that I managed to drive my car straight to PlayFITStayFIT after work.

Where of course I got yelled at. For not using heavy enough weights. As though I hadn’t just taken six months off of fitness.

Dude. I could barely wrestle these workout clothes on. I am not who I was six months ago.

And got yelled at for not going deep enough into front raise squats.

Look, I went as deep as my unfitnessed back would allow me.

And got yelled at for not going high enough on my toes during calf walks. Up and down the greenway. After lunge walks. Up and down the greenway. And side lunges. Up and down the greenway.

And freakin duck walks. Up and down the greenway.

Where suddenly the dude standing there having a very heated discussion with a tree didn’t look quite so crazy.

As the people wearing the weighted suicide bomber vests while tiptoeing down the greenway.

The vests just really adding to the “no no, we’re just out for a stroll, nothing to see here, just totally normal people” look of it all.

And these weighted vests. They’re just..like, really heavy. And uncomfortable.

And I tried to go for a less awful one. After J-Vicious said, “Sunshine, don’t take that grey one on the left.”

Well, obviously I’m gonna take the grey one on the left.

Had it almost over my head before he transported all the way from the other side of the gym and yanked it out of my hands.

“I just said!”

Picked up the other grey one. That was underneath it.

Had that one also ripped from my weak, unfitnessed grasp.

“I told you NOT to wear the grey ones.”

You just said that one grey one. This is a different grey one.

I don’t know how heavy the one he threw at me was. Before he went back to monitor his actual toddler. But it was definitely heavier than I was physically. Or emotionally. Prepared for.

But I survived it. Leg Day. My first Leg Day in a lot of months.

And I was exhausted. Physically exhausted. The good kind of exhausted I used to feel when I was fitnessing regularly.

But also energized.

So energized that when I got home. I cooked dinner. And did the dishes (it’s impressive. Trust me.). And waited until, like, 6:30pm to pass out on the couch.

So I’m hoping. That maybe I can manage it again today.

For arm day.

Because I’ve missed getting yelled at.

We all know I like the attention. Even if it’s bad attention.

And also I miss my arms. I haven’t seen them in damn near a year.

And I think maybe I should point out that I do have an actual prescription for this new med. The med itself is legitimate. It’s just…the appointment was…yeah, Rogue and Fall Risk want me to find a new doctor…that’s less…like me…

But I’m sure it’s all absolutely fine.

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