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Zero Commitment Weekends

I get so excited about zero commitment weekends. I have full on fantasies about all of the things I’m going to accomplish. All. Of. The. Things.

I’m going to sleep in. Read books on the front porch while sipping my coffee. Write blog posts. Work on my book. Catch up on training. Nap. Watch football. Meal plan. Strength train. Run. Yoga. Read some more. Clean. Get the lawn mowed. Start working on my upstairs bathroom. Paint my bedroom. In fact, turn my bedroom into an oasis. Or whatever that self-help guide said. Sort through old pictures to hang. Clean out the fridge. Read even more. Clean out my car. Finish the laundry. And put it away.

Instead of just piling it on top of the dryer, which is my current laundry system.

Pile of laundry on top of dryer

There are currently 40 actionable items on my zero commitment weekend To Do List.

I managed to complete 3. In all of today.

The problem is I’m working fairly mentally exhaustive job now. A different kind of mentally exhaustive than public education. It’s mostly fun and challenging. But the level of challenging is exhausting.

Definitely not a zero commitment work calendar

Seriously. This is the least fun game of Tetris I’ve ever experienced. Test coordination for a 900 student high school is bad. But trying to find 30 minutes of free time across five peoples’ calendars is worse. And when those five people are in three wildly different time zones? Impossible.

Do you know India is five and a half hours ahead of us? Five. And a half.

And then I go straight from that to Cross Country practice every night. Which brings with it physical and emotional exhaustion. It’s great for my fitness. Trying to keep up with high school distance runners. And I emphasize the word trying. Will keep anyone in better condition than they’re used to.

And I’m…I guess we’ll go ahead and call it training…for two major ultras this fall. So, most weeks I receive specific orders from Beautiful Beastie about what I’m running that weekend. And usually those orders are…painfully long. And difficult.

But every now and then. I get a special weekend. Where all of my people are busy with other things. Usually those stupid bikes. And I have no commitments. And I can do whatever. I. want.

And it’s glorious.

And then I wake up at 6am on my zero commitment weekend. Because that’s as much sleeping in as my body is capable of. And I make my coffee. And settle in on my front porch with mile pile of books. Because obviously I’m going to read 5 books that morning.

And then I notice that the earth is catching fire. Already. At 9am.

So I carry my pile of books back inside. And pull on a sports bra. And start my zero commitment day. With a strength workout. Because I need to get the hard stuff done before the earth turns into a full on inferno.

Then I head out for my run. And I am immediately tired. Just not a drop of energy to power me through. And why is it 20 degrees hotter out here in the world than it was on my front porch?

At practice last week, Tommy Carlos wrapped my ankle so I would know how to wrap my runners’ ankles when he wasn’t there.

And I don’t know if you’ve ever had your ankle wrapped. But it may possibly be THE most comforting feeling I’ve felt in years. Like a gentle hug for my foot. I want my ankles wrapped always now.

Ankle wrapped with support tape

So I managed, just barely, 2.74 miles. Last weekend I ran 35 miles.

When I finally slothed my way back home, I pulled out Walter and mowed the front yard and half of the backyard. And decided that I was probably done doing the outside things for the day.

With those three to do list items done, I took a shower, ate some food, and laid down on the couch.

And now it’s 8pm and I have done exactly zero other things on my zero commitment weekend to do list.

And I have zero energy to do any of the remaining things on my zero commitment weekend to do list.


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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