Day of Thanks and Rejection

I started my Day of Giving Thanks by running my own 3.1.

Well, not running so much as jogging. Trotting, really. And stopping every half mile to chat with various neighbors. I mean, their dogs mostly. But humans often require you to communicate directly with them. Not just their dogs. Which is where my issues pop up. When I’m required to communicate with the people.

One of these people wanted to chat about my house. And running route.

I shared all of my information with him.

Because I have no self-preservation skills.

I really did tell this dude, “yeah, I run hill repeats back on that road where no one ever goes.” And pointed towards it. Just to make extra sure he could track me down when I was at my most vulnerable.

He said he knew where it was.

I’m sure it’s fine. I don’t think his house has a basement…

There’s a German Shepherd on the way to that road. That no one ever goes on. He’s massive. And gorgeous.

He and his person were outside.

And I’d had such good luck chatting with so many other dogs up to this point that I gave it a shot. “Hi baby! You’re so handsome.”

He. And his person. Who was also massive. And not not handsome. They both just stood there. Unmoving. Not speaking. Looking at…nothing…just beyond me. Refusing to acknowledge my idiocy. Or existence. Until I moved along.

It’s fine. I’m sure they were just…busy…

So I finished my trot and went to my parents house. My safe haven. The place where I am always accepted. And loved. Unconditionally.

And my kids show up. Con mi nieto. And grand pup.

It was a beautiful day out. So I asked my grand pup if she’d like to go outside and enjoy it a bit.

I took her lack of response as an enthusiastic yes. And picked up her leash.

She refused to come to me.

I approached her with her leash.

She backed away.

I tried to lure her to me with treats. While holding her leash.

She just stared at me. Judgingly.

Finally, my son took the leash and she happily allowed him to put it on her.


Years of animal rescue experience. Countless dogs rescued.

I’ve taken in vicious dogs and turned them into cuddly little furbabies that adored me.

This girl is obviously going to choose me as her favorite.

She just needs a little coaxing. And outside is the way to do that.

Dogs love outside.

So I took her outside.

She just stood there. Then started to head back inside.

No. We’re gonna walk around and enjoy this day. Dammit.

And she’s a sweet, patient girl. And compliant. So she followed me.

But also…

Turned right back around to head back into the house.

Eventually, I gave up. And we went back inside.

Where she laid down on the floor. And stared longingly at the front door.


So, I laid down on the floor with her.

I am fully willing to humble myself to gain the love of an animal.

And this bitch…

Turned her entire body away from me.

And when I didn’t leave.

She got up and walked all the way to the other side of the room.


I’m home now. And covered in cats that love me. Or at least like me enough to share the couch with me.

So…yeah. Feeling pretty good about myself…

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