Fitness Plateau

So, I made a fairly impulsive purchase last week.

My thought process was, a month ago I was running and working out with 8 pounds more than I am right now. I should keep doing that.

I mean, it didn’t feel good. But I could do it.

So, Friday I did a 30 minute full body HIIT workout wearing 8 extra pounds.

My body was thoroughly confused.

“This…wasn’t this hard yesterday. What is actually happening??”

And when I took the vest off at the end, I obviously felt super light.

“The fuck is wrong with you? Why would you do that to us?? Do I have to pull a hammy to make you not stupid???”

Went out for a 13 mile run up and down some mountains the next morning at Carvins Cove and felt…not awful. I mean, I didn’t feel fabulous. And I certainly wasn’t blasting up the mountains like Tiny Brazilian. But I also wasn’t actively dying like I was a month ago when we did the same distance over Peaks of Otter.

“Well, I just appreciate you not putting on that dumbass vest and making me carry that up this mountain. Let’s keep making good choices.”

And as I was coming down the last few miles to the car, I thought…But…what if I did put on that dumbass vest and carry it up that mountain…

Which was the point at which my knee started threatening to just come free of my leg and just let my whole left side come apart.

Fine. I’m just saying. It could really up our fitness.

Because I have hit one of those plateaus. Where your body says, “Nah we good here. Gimme some chips.”

And that’s ok. I already feel significantly better than I did a month ago.

Even though I can just feel how much more amazing I would feel with another five fewer pounds.

I refuse to argue with my body over this. She never listens and she can get hella bitchy. And she’s in control of all the pain responses. I wouldn’t put it past her to throw a full Achilles tear at me if I try to force the issue.

But I’m still gonna buy a few extra 1 lb weights for that vest. Just in case. If I keep her fitnessing at 170 pounds, maybe she’ll eventually listen and let go of the extras.

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