The GJBeat Episode 13

When you work with “at-risk youth.”



The ones with the hard stories.

The ones that have already racked up more to overcome in their first ten years, than I will in an entire lifetime.

You do what you can to find ways to help them. Support them. Walk them through the overcoming.

You watch them screw up. Make the wrong choices.

You watch them break. Over and over again.

And you keep trying. And pushing.

Until they get locked up. Or age out. Or move on.

And then you just hope that they’ve got something. One tiny thing. That they can draw on. To eventually. Finally. Overcome.

The hard part is that you rarely get to see it. The Overcome.

That usually happens long after they’ve moved on from you.

In the middle of a year that has beaten down the helpers. The mental health workers. The healthcare workers. The educators. The people that work with the kids.

This story is exactly what we need.

It’s absolutely what I needed.

Fair warning. The first half is all about the standard badass we all know and love. But the second half. Grab your tissues. Because that’s where the badass hits Overcome level.

Episode Guide

Instead of show notes, I’m gonna mostly just give you an interest guide. Because this dude has so many different things to share.

24:00 – Relationship Lesson

27:20 – Racing

32:30 – Spartan

69:50 – Injury

84:30 – Iceland is basically just a giant Jumanji set

87:20 – GJB goes pee

91:20 – Love for my Van One Driver

97:00 – Childhood

1:11:00 – Marine Corps

1:24:20 – Preacher Jer

That’s it. That’s the story of Overcoming.

This is the story that I’m gonna use to keep me motivated when the young ones are breaking my heart.

Also, here is some replacement badassery Jer is considering:

  • Cornhole Champion
  • Axe Throwing Champion
  • Speed Walk Champion

Those are all great options. But I’m gonna say he’s already hit Life Champion Status. The rest is just cake.

But also also, if you use “where you wrecked” as a reference point for giving directions, it may be time to find a new hobby. I keep telling y’all to stop leaving me for biking…

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