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Home Ownership

Skipping The To Do List

I have operated off of a to do list nearly every day of my life for as long as I can remember. I have one...

Zero Commitment Weekends

The more I age the more excited I get about zero commitment weekends. I have a growing list of things to do, but much less energy to do them.
My Awkward Self

Unannounced Birthday

“You always have people throwing food and gifts at you on your birthday.” Because I tell them to. If you don’t tell them, they have...
My Awkward Self

Cat Teeth Removal

Nine years ago. I brought home a foster cat that lived inside of this couch for over a month. For a solid month. Maybe two....

Massages Are For Fixing, Not Relaxing

Got a massage by Charles Barkley today. Not, like, the Charles Barkley. But my massage therapist. Who does really solid impressions. And somehow we were...
Adventures, My Awkward Self

Incomplete Impromptu Road Trip

Sometimes you just need a road trip. Had happy hour at work. Again. Yesterday. (These folks love to celebrate shit.) So I sat there. With...
My Awkward Self

Full Car Inspection

Every year. Every year I have issues with my car inspection. Remember that time I was Living That Rejected Life? Yeah, that was a fun...
My Awkward Self

Proving My Existence

So, I work in this…I guess it’s called a green building? Or a smart building? A smart green building? The lights are on motion detectors....

Trail Hazing

“Why every time we go somewhere with Beautiful Beastie does it feel like we’re being hazed?” Rogue’s not wrong. We went to Rock Castle Gorge...