Chaos 50K: The Aftermath

“Is it ok to get oil on this?” I was lying face down on the massage table, so I couldn’t see what she was pointing at. I assumed she meant my tattoo. So I said, Oh yeah. That’s a few years old by now. “Really? Oh wow. What did this?” And I haven’t seen my … Continue reading Chaos 50K: The Aftermath

Chaos 50k – The Race

Sometimes magic just...happens. In this instance. The magic happened on our favorite pub run course. Probably on one of the first Thursdays of the month that we run there officially. Or any of the other days that we run there unofficially. I’m not sure I was there when this idea was being birthed. I may … Continue reading Chaos 50k – The Race

Another .1 Christmas

You know in movies? When some emergency situation happens? And someone inevitably loses their shit? And just turns a standard emergency into an absolute shit show? I get angry. Like, screaming “get your shit together moron!” at the tv kind of angry. I got sucked into the rabbit hole that is Grey’s Anatomy at the … Continue reading Another .1 Christmas

Losing My Identities

I just had a 12 minute conversation. In which I fully participated. And I have no idea what we talked about. I know it started with work... It’s possible I had another meltdown Wednesday. Tuesday is my assigned weekly meltdown day. This week I held it off until Wednesday. It’s just... We’re living in such … Continue reading Losing My Identities

Pandemic Brain

“Why haven’t you learned anything I’ve taught you about cheating in gym class?” Because I’m a pure soul incapable of deception? See. The problem was. Fall Risk loves manmakers. Are you familiar with this bullshit? So you take a set of dumbbells. And you burpee with them. Except instead of just a standard bullshit burpee. … Continue reading Pandemic Brain