Falls Side of The Falls With Fall Risk

They call me Trail Guide now. Ok. So maybe not everyone. Maybe one person. Only one person. Calls me Trail Guide. Called me Trail Guide. Once. But I have now successfully navigated Fall Risk through two hikes. In a row. Without losing us. Or breaking her. Two for two. This week we went to Apple … Continue reading Falls Side of The Falls With Fall Risk

Hi-Dee-Hoe’n With The Crew

Guess who's sweeping the lower 10 miles of the CtC marathon? Yeah. Stop laughing. I'm feeling pretty confident about it. I successfully led a group through the Hi-Dee-Hoe Loop yesterday morning. I did. Except by successfully led, I mean that I was forced out in front and stopped at all intersections (and maybe even a … Continue reading Hi-Dee-Hoe’n With The Crew

New Years on Christmas Mountain

Almost. It's almost New Years. And I got to spend it on Christmas Mountain. When GJB invites you out into the woods, you should understand going in that it's not gonna be easy. We might recall the whole Lost: Boones Mill Version episode. Homeboy is undoubtedly going to take you wayyyyy off the standard trail. … Continue reading New Years on Christmas Mountain