A Mountain A Day

Not a Snow Day 3.

I continue to try the mountainous approach to maintaining my health.

Tuesday night found us climbing Roanoke Mountain.

It took me a minute to get there. Because I basically live at Starr Hill these days. So I drove right past Walnut Ave on my way in. Turned around in the Starr Hill parking lot. Headed back towards Walnut Ave. And turned onto Williamson. Because that’s how I go home from Starr Hill. So I came back up Albemarle. To try again.

Got distracted by some runners I thought I knew. I didn’t. I also didn’t turn into Walnut. Again. Mother fucker. Rolled through Starr Hill parking lot. Again.

Ok. Ima try this one more time. And then I’m just going home.

But I was able to force my brain to focus just long enough to not turn onto Williamson. And to actually turn onto Walnut.

I may have cheered myself. Possibly even patted myself on the back a bit.

I respond well to positive reinforcement for good behaviors.

Met up with six other runners. Complying with the under 10 rule. And maintaining a social distance. But we couldn’t call it that. Because GJB has implemented a 360-burpee penalty for anyone who talks about the Rona.

But that was fine. Because my utter lack of bouncing back from BelMonte 50k meant that I had at least a 6 foot lag time behind everyone else anyway. Going up the mountain.

Trying not to cuss Rogue out every time she pushed us to run to that next tree. Fuck that next tree.

I did manage to find some speed coming down.

But that was all gravity. Not actual speed on my part.

We considered going to Lew’s. If they’d let us sit outside. At six different tables.

But in the end. I ended up at home. Alone. On my couch. In pajamas. Eating two entrees of Mexican takeout. And beer.

And I was happy.

So yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to start my day off with some Roanoke Yoga Barre Yoga.

I love her. Roanoke Yoga. I do.

But also. Fuck curtsey pulses. Which I said. Several times. Out loud. Alone. In my living room. Just like I would in a live class.

Except louder.

I don’t cuss out loud at Roanoke Yoga in a live Barre class. I do that shit under my breath. Like a lady. So she can’t hear me.

So obviously the best thing to do after exhausting my legs is go climb another mountain.

But with children. So we’d go nice and slow. Right?

Except Young OT and Young LG seemed to be of the mind that they were gonna own McAfee Knob.

And so they did.

That mountain is theirs now.

And they can have it. Because watching two pre-teens spend their Not Snow Days hiking up 1,685 feet of elevation gain. And not whining. The way I do. And maybe feeling some pain and discomfort. And doing it anyway. Was beautiful.

And I’m so excited about this next generation of trail runners my people are raising.

I raised athletes. No doubt. But I didn’t raise them on the trails like these people are. They’ll hike. Or run a trail race with me from time to time. But the mountains don’t call to them. Like they will to these kids.

It’s just a really inspiring thing to watch.

These kids are learning all about pushing through discomfort and overcoming adversity and surrounding yourself with badass people.

Like my Fall Risk. Who took on the mountain that broke her. It actually physically broke her. Both ankles. A year and a half ago. But she took it on. Yet again.

And I just love that so much.

I mean, I did have to use my mom voice. A few times. Obviously. Because this was OT’s Hike. And this…

But I refrained from smacking him upside the head. And sending him right on over the edge.

Dammit OT.

Now. If you’ll excuse me. I’ve got some training to do. Because this is not a snow day. And I’m still expected to earn my living.

But first, I’m gonna let Roanoke Yoga take me through some yoga for runners. To make me all bendy and stretchy again. And I won’t cuss at her once. Because this is the feel good yogas.

Plus? My boy J-Vicious is holding virtual classes now. On the Zooms. So I have to decide if I want fitness discipline for lunch or dinner. But y’all check him out. Because the more of you there are. The less focus he can put on punishing me. Because I haven’t been to the gym in a hot minute.

I had reasons.

But I have absolutely zero reasons to not be fully active and healthy during these Not Snow Days.

Because I have badass people.

And they make me try to be that, too.

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