Mountain Brain Processing

The sounds that I’m making as I try to move right now. The sighing. And grunting. And whimpering. Like, I’m annoying the fuck out of myself right now. No wonder Bo didn’t want to walk with me this morning. As I hobbled into the house. From my 11 mile run with Rogue. He struggled up … Continue reading Mountain Brain Processing

Blue Ridge Foot Levelers 2020 Pandemic Virtual Half Marathon

So, everything’s cancelled. We done upset Mother Earth. And now she’s taken every single privilege away from us. We all on punishment. And I know there are folks who want us to be inside and never leave the house. At all. For any reason. Like annoying younger siblings. And maybe they’re right. I mean, I … Continue reading Blue Ridge Foot Levelers 2020 Pandemic Virtual Half Marathon

Running Mill Mountain. Again.

I ran Mill Mountain three times in 10 hours this week. And then jumped straight into leg day. I didn’t even have to do that during the Blue Ridge Double. Pro tip: Don't spend the hour after leg day sleeping in your car. Because the car extrication process is going to be painful and graceless. … Continue reading Running Mill Mountain. Again.

Our National Running Day

When my people celebrate National Running Day, we like to get started early. And mix things up. Because running requires strength on top of cardio. And this our holiday. We were going to celebrate the hell out of it. I can't remember exactly how the idea came about. These days it usually starts with Skratch … Continue reading Our National Running Day