Circle of Excellence

Last week, I was in the best shape of my life.

This week, I have the lung capacity of a sedentary 80 year old lifetime smoker.

Initially, I thought it was a recurrence of the Zombie Parasite that kept me from Iron Mountain last year.

But I’ve been doing some research.

And all symptoms point to vampire parasite.

It’s unfortunate. I do love running in the heat of the summer sun.

And this week was supposed to be my Hell Week.

It was Tiny Brazilian’s idea.

It’s what happens when you let her run three loops of CRL. And you jump in for the last two loops.

She starts talking. Kind of shouting out orders. And if you happen to be the person immediately in front of her, then those orders are directed at you.

First we going to do the Ragnar Chase The Moon Challenge Monday night. But before that, we going to go to Cardio class at PlayFITStayFIT. Then run Chestnut Ridge Loop. Then run up to the Star to do core work. Then run back down to run back up with everyone else.

That was just Monday. She had something planned for every damn day of the week.

And she appropriately labeled it Hell Week.

Specifically my Hell Week.

I don’t think she was requiring anyone else to participate in it.

Except her.

And she crazy.

But the beginnings of my vampire parasite were already starting out there on the trail. In fact, I think the first symptom appeared when she started planning Hell Week.


I guess my body does have some form of instinctual self-preservation.

So, anyway.

I struggled through the Chase The Moon Challenge Monday night. Not any of the extras. Just the actual run up to the Star and back down.

Hacking up ick the whole way.

And sounding very much like a teenage boy going through puberty.

But it was with this group of excellence , so how could I not.

And when we got to the top of the mountain, there was even more excellence waiting for us.

And here’s what happens when you gather such a large collection of excellence together.

Tiny Brazilian and Beautiful Beastie drop down into a plank. And one by one, the rest of the excellence start dropping into formation around them. Forming the most beautiful circle of excellence.

We invited the other random strangers standing around to join us.

Nobody did.

I think our brand of excellence takes a little longer to spread.

Because there’s a level of “meh” that has to go along with it.

Like not noticing serpents slithering right across the road in front of you as you barrel down the old road at sunset, chasing the moon.

Lil T stopped for a pic. GJB identified it as a Rattleheadedcoppermoccasin.

Very dangerous.


Or like not worrying about half-assing your way through your day job on a Wednesday because you woke your ass up at 2am to join in on the 8 mile run and Leg Day HIIT workout at PlayFITStayFIT.

We call it Legs Miserables.

And use French numbers to count how many times we do it.

Cause we fancy.

Some of us think that we’re going to stop doing it.

But we’re not.

We’re gonna keep doing it.

Every Wednesday.



Run and HIIT.

Makes staying awake at work challenging.


We try not to sweat the small stuff.

Like life and jobs and stuff.

At any rate, I’m missing out on my own Hell Week.

I have a feeling I’m going to make up for it next week.

I’m thinking two a day HIIT at PlayFITStayFIT. Because Spartan says that’s the best way to train.

And Asheville is only a month away.

And soooo much running.

Because JIM is only a month and a half away.

And it’s gonna take a LOT to get my sedentary 80 year old smoker lungs ready for that level of excellence.

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