Voluntary Rest Day

Yep. I'm doing that today. Voluntarily. I woke up at 5:00am when my alarm when off and made the call. Texted Rogue and went right on back to sleep. And now here I am resting and shit. Here's why. Y'all know how all of the social media networks went down Wednesday afternoon? And sent all … Continue reading Voluntary Rest Day

It’s a Fruit That Tastes Like Meat

I ate jackfruit tonight. I'm not entirely sure what jackfruit is. I was afraid to look it up beforehand because I was worried about what I'd learn. My fears were justified. Wisegeek describes it this way: "The ripening fruits have an odor that has been compared to the smell of rotting onions. This often discourages … Continue reading It’s a Fruit That Tastes Like Meat