It’s a Fruit That Tastes Like Meat

I ate jackfruit tonight.

I’m not entirely sure what jackfruit is.

I was afraid to look it up beforehand because I was worried about what I’d learn.

My fears were justified.

Wisegeek describes it this way: “The ripening fruits have an odor that has been compared to the smell of rotting onions. This often discourages people from trying the interior.

I mean, sure.

And then there’s this: “Cutting and preparing the flesh is tricky, because the fruit is very sticky and can actually be used as glue.”


And then you see it and it looks like something the one might find growing inside of the caves of Mordor.


In the pic it looks like meat, right?

Yeah. It’s unsettling. This is a fruit. A tropical fruit.

Why does it look like meat? And it doesn’t just look like meat.

It tastes. like. meat.

This stresses my brain. I feel like Satan might be involved in some way.

I’m really struggling to get past this. But I WANT to. Because it tasted…good. Like meat. And it’s a fruit. It’s used in desserts and curries. I’m not sure what curries are, but I know that desserts are sweet. Something where you might find a fruit. Not meat fruit.

But then you throw some teriyaki sauce on it and serve it with rice and it is delicious. Like meat. Real meat.

I’m just so … conflicted.

It’s this double marathon training, man. My energy levels are all out of whack and I suspect it’s because up until now, my diet has consisted almost exclusively of coffee, chocolate cake, Doritos with cream cheese, and beer. And sometimes some boxed mac and cheese. And not, like, homemade chocolate cake. Because I feel like if it were at least homemade, I could feel a little better about potential health benefits.

And when your weekly long run consists of 20 miles minimum, you NEED energy.

And I’m sure as hell not putting all this time into Blue Ridge training just to bonk on the long run.

So I’ll be ordering more from FPS Roanoke. Because it was delicious. It is vegetarian. It is presumably healthy. AND when I order meals from FPS, I get to go into this fancy, high falutin place looking and smelling exactly like I’ve just run 20 miles on the mountains and no one questions it.

And after just one week of eating healthy meals and keeping my crap intake to a minimum, I feel so much better.

Stupid right healthy people.


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