The Least of These

I just had a two hour conversation. And I have no idea what it was about. I recognized a few words. And names here and there. Patti LaBelle. Football. God. My social abilities really require a pretty specific set of circumstances. To work well. Last night was not those circumstances. Y'all know. I have this … Continue reading The Least of These

Spartan & How North Carolina Damages Friendships

Fair warning. There is language in this one. Go ahead and close out now if you prefer to avoid talks about things like poo. We good? Ok. Are you familiar with the term shit show? No? Then clearly you haven't spent much time with me or my friends. My life, in general, has been a … Continue reading Spartan & How North Carolina Damages Friendships

Shining Through Imposter Syndrome

Have you heard of this? It's been around a while, but I've only recently begun to understand how it applies to me. If you're not familiar, basically the Imposter Syndrome is a fear of being discovered as not being smart enough or good enough or ... enough. Being a fraud. It's an inability to internalize … Continue reading Shining Through Imposter Syndrome

How Much Do Our Friends Hate Us?

We're calling this blog post, How Much Do Our Friends Hate Us? Read to the end. You'll see why. But let's start it out nice. Because that's how my evening started. Sometimes all you need to reclaim your hope and sanity is to spend a little time on a mountain with your "friends." Last night … Continue reading How Much Do Our Friends Hate Us?