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How Much Do Our Friends Hate Us?

We’re calling this blog post, How Much Do Our Friends Hate Us? Read to the end. You’ll see why.

But let’s start it out nice. Because that’s how my evening started. Sometimes all you need to reclaim your hope and sanity is to spend a little time on a img_6557mountain with your “friends.” Last night was rough, but tonight’s mountain run was restorative. And also a little questionable.

First of all, let’s be clear. It is a mountain. The first one of you that tries to tell me that Peakwood isn’t a mountain is going to be assigned “hill” repeats up and down that b-word until you come to your senses. (I may still have some lingering resentments, but no, for real, I’m at peace right now…)

That view. It almost looks serene.

Except that if you’ve run that b-word, you know it’s not serene. And if you were with us tonight, you know that the ideas that come to runners’ minds while climbing Peakwood are anything but serene.

They are ridiculous and highly questionable and definitely risky.

I blame the lack of oxygen getting to the brain during that exertion.  So, while training for the Blue Ridge Marathon tonight, we started planning for our Chicago Marathon.

Soooo, here’s the thing. Kim, Chad, and I are running the Chicago Marathon in October through their charity program. We are each committed to a different charity. We each have to raise $1,000 for our charity. And to that end, we’ve decided we’re going to commit to do some random, crazy things throughout the year that we hope will encourage you to donate. I’m sure most of them will involve debasing or potentially injuring ourselves in some way. Really, I think everyone here wins except the three of us.

So. For February. Kim has decided that we’re going to do a Polar Plunge into Smith Mountain Lake. Like, full on bathing suit no wet suit all in jump into the 37 degree lake.Lake Temp

You see that, right? “The temperature is too cold to swim.” So, why wouldn’t we do this? I mean, if you know Kim, you know that she reads warnings as directives. It’s too cold to swim. So, then we have to swim. It’s a great plan. Most of you know how entirely comfortable I am with bodies of water. Plus how much I am so ok with being cold. Psht. I probably won’t have a complete meltdown on video…

Of course, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t make it competitive. So, here are the ground rules.

Each of us has to raise at least $100. If I don’t raise $100 for my charity (Girls on the Run, obviously), then I don’t participate. (I do, however, monitor and taunt Chad and Kim while they experience hypothermia.)

We will videotape the plunge.

IF you want to see the video, you will have to make a donation and we will send you a link. We’re not just gonna throw it out there for the world to see. Only those that donate will get to see it.

The competition here is to see which of us has the most friends and family that want to see us suffer. We share a lot of the same people, but I feel pretty confident that I’ve got a strong cache of folks that really enjoy the idea of me experiencing not just physical discomfort, but also extreme psychologically discomfort. Don’t let me down, folks.

So, let’s get this started.

If you want Sunshine to jump into Smith Mountain Lake this month, click here to donate to Girls on the Run.

If you want Kim to jump into Smith Mountain Lake this month, click here to donate to Team CureIt.

If you want to see Chad jump into Smith Mountain Lake this month, click here to donate to Ronald McDonald House.




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