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A Small Piece of My Heart

So, here it is. My first real test at being vulnerable.

This. Is. Terrifying.

I think it’s terrifying because a large portion of this book was written before I’d ever decided to really turn it into an actual book. I was less confident in my writing voice. I felt like I had to comply with some sort of rules about writing.

It has only been recently that I’ve decided to ignore any rules of writing and just use my own, weird, sometimes rambling voice.

And because I have such a ridiculously poor memory for details, it is challenging to go back and edit stories to make them feel more real. More me.

But I want to put it out there anyway. First, because these are the stories of some of my animal fosters and their stories deserve to be told. And second, because I need this test of willpower.

It’s kind of like that damn Polar Plunge my former friend Kim made me do. I just need to jump in, however ambiguous I am about the outcome.

So, here it is. My first (and hopefully not my only) book. I opted to go the self-publishing route. It’s cheap and easy. Which is all I can afford financially and emotionally right now. But it’s from the heart.

And if the interest and income generated is sufficient enough, I hope to use it as a fundraiser for my Bedford Humane Society here in Bedford, Virginia. This small, but determined group of folks are working to build a no-kill shelter. It is desperately needed. But funding is hard to come by.

So, maybe this little piece of my heart can help with that. Or maybe it will only be enough to buy a single bag of dog or cat food. Who knows.

But a girl can dream…

You can order through Amazon by clicking on the picture below (because if you order it by clicking on the picture, I also get the Amazon affiliate kickback, so I get to, like, double dip):

And you know me. I’ll be happy to act all Jennifer Lawrence famous while signing copies for those that know and love me. Or even if you’re indifferent towards me.

Now I’m gonna take a breath, hit publish on this post, share it, and then go run 20 miles because I’ve got less than three weeks before the Blue Ridge Double Marathon. And that scares me far less than this.

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